Speaking of QoL changes - Multiaccount Overview

How about a Multiaccount-Overview, where you can operate all your Accounts on one page?

I mean, why make controlling your accounts complicated in the first place?

For example i’ve got 6 main accounts, all of them have a rotating 3 month sub… if i would want to check if their subs are all fine, or would want to buy some good packs for them, i’d have to log off and on between all of them, to buy stuff, manage my accounts etc…

the pack “trinary … something” where you got 333 plex 300k SP and 3 MCTs for 33 euro was a very good deal, but i didnt bother buying it multiple times, due to the issue to log off and log on every one of my accounts

i dont want to bother switching every account, so why not make it one overview where i can access all of them?

it would also help re-visitors to get their accounts up and running, resubbing or using good and valuable packs etc.

You could even integrate it in the Eve Launcher, where you already have all your accounts listed^^

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