CCP, an idea to metric what users you have

I was nearly ded today in hi sec for the trigs (one 0.7 procurer and 0.6 svipul) and begin to thinking the game as is is HARSH. GOOD ! But …

No multiaccounts reasonable with these game changes.

The next comment is not a technical one. Need explain myself. As a programmer sometimes is better have some data in a master table instead a detail one (for speed and reports).

In Seudo MSSQL

Alter Table PlayerAccounts Add LocalMoneySpent Decimal (14,6);

Alter Table PlayerAccounts add (CreationDate);

Alter Table PlayerAccounts add DateLastMoneySpent DATE;

Alter Table PlayerAccounts add NumberOmegaAccountswithsameemail int;

– fill the fields, localmoneyspent si the sum of plex, DLC, subscriptions in all history.

I think you can get a nice glimpse of what is thinking the prople who Spent money. Null people with very big reserves maybe not spending (Malcanis Law), and the people who pay many accounts with MONEY Leaving.

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yeah with all of the “chaos” that want they still dont want to do single account only, it hurt the wallet and numbers too much for their liking even though they are trying to get people to leave.


Error at line wtf
Goto away


Think in mining with two covetors. If a TANK procurer was 1/3 shield quickly the systems will begin to empty, and not need to have many accounts subbed. I have around 10 pilots with tristan doing these NPC Belts event quests and i dont think they can survive the enconunter.

Darmok and Jalad at Tanagra.


Oh trigs are kicking your ass cos youre running multiple accounts and you cant react in time to save them?


@Ramona_McCandless You have comprension Problems. Nearly dead but was not dead. No. I was not killed, a procurer with full tank 1/3 shields in some seconds. Not good idea undock a mining fleetnow, and i have three monitors.

@Pix_severus Yes, this is a problem to be solved.

Op is a bad player and got take advantage of for being a bad player. Instead of improving, hec omes up with some dumb complicated idea to prevent himself from getting ganked again.

Yawn, another one of these threads.


@scoots_choco Your comment is an ad hominem post, i dont need improving because i surivive. By the way, i was not ganked and was not attacked by other player, then the term GANK is bad used.

Yawn, please cry some more. Don’t be mad that your ulterior motive got called out.

@Scoots_Choco You are not being constructive, and your comment is again ad hominem. Not my problem your lack or agument and personal attack was obvious.

So op is saying he almost got gate ganked by trigs in high sec and not in a trig invasion system. I say to you good OP that the patch changes said this. They have basically made it impossible to fly around high sec willy nilly without scouts or you could lose your freighter to a rando spawned Zorya’s.

Basically Eve has had to AI all the PVP behaviours cause the game doesn’t have enough active “bad guys” roaming high sec anymore so they made the AI destroy structures and now gate camp.

P.S. Shaka when the walls fell


Dude your post is pretty much incomprehensible so I took the best guess.

So you werent even killed, so whats the problem?


@ramona_McCandless sorry but your response is Ad Hominem Again. Nobody see a problem. I find an interesting METRIC and put a post about that. As example, checking my expenses in some accounts are 2118.5 USD Between 1-ene-2016 and now(i am only counting My current 10 Omega accounts, not all the accounts i created in one or other moment) and when i unsub one of them yesterday i think is an interesant and constructive METRIC. By the way i do many transfers when i sell characters not longer in use. I am including Character bazaar transactions.

The point was related to “i show mysupport in the past with my wallet”, are trig invasions/ Blackout supporters using Real life wallet ? real life supporters can be better to long term.

Kiteo, his eyes closed


No, its really not.

Im done with talking to someone who fails this spectacularly at communication.

OP is using a whole lot of words to type out “WAAAAHHHHH!!!”.

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@ramona_McCandless Thanks for leaving (by the way the problem with users citing star trek ambiguous quotes look more as communications subjects of study)

Oh Ive not left.

Im never leaving.

Im just done with you, rude boi.