Multiple Account Deal unavailable, support does not know how to avail of it


On the 03/06/22 I received an email advertising the “Multiple Account Deal”. I had stopped the renewal of my omega subscriptions for 8 of my accounts at the time of the price hike. With this deal I would have resubscribed a “Main” and 7 “Alts” and all would be been great but I can not find a way to avail of this deal. I have opened a ticket which took for ever to be processed only to find out that support also does not seem to know how to avail of the deal. As a once off I was offered a “manual” addition of some omega days of subscription for my alts but thats obviously not the solution. Can someone in CCP shed light on this how I can avail of the discounted subscription for the 8 linked accounts I have for my omegas (1 main no discount + 7 alts with discount) ? I have attached an anonymised screen shot of the email from the 03/06/22, I am also happy to provide the ticket number if requested for the support request.

Its well possible that I am just overlooking something on the accounts website, if so please point me in the right direction.

Thank you

Are you trying to use the deal now?

I was trying back then and now, any time I klick to add omega time to my linked alts I just get the undiscounted price.


TBH I am very confused, I know for sure many ppl have alt accounts, can anybody pls point me in the right direction to avail of this discount ? I can’t be stuck with a “manual” GM 10 day omega addition for the rest of my eve life ?!?!?!


I also have a lot of accounts. When I got the email I changed all my other accounts to my main email. But when the deal was available only the accounts that were Omega got the deal. My Alpha accounts didn’t and after I bought Omega for those Alphas some time had to pass before they too got the deal. I asked support and they told me:
“…alt accounts need to be in Omega status in order to receive the offer so not all alt accounts are eligible, if you recently changed one of those to Omega then it is possible that the offer might show up in the following days.”

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