Year Subscription Discounts

Hey ccp, would it be possible for you to issue a big discount to players once a year? maybe you can do it some time during the year when the sub-rates are lower, or on the anniversary of eve.

maybe 25% off the entire year if you pay for the yearly rate in one?




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They do offer a huge discount. They offer it all year. Are you suggesting that the discount for a year-long sub should only be offered once a year?

No, I am suggesting they offer another 20-25% off on a single day, or weekend each year.

And therefore demonstrating your ignorance of your claimed profession. If there’s a 25% discount on one day/weekend then congratulations, you just lowered the price of all 1-year subscriptions by 25% because everyone will wait until sale day to buy. And I’m sure that won’t do bad things to CCP’s revenue…

You should go back to threatening to sue CCP for not moderating the forums the way you want, it’s much more entertaining than this nonsense.


Didn’t you say you’re a game developer? Why don’t you ask the people in your office about what they think of this idea?


Your making him confused, here i’ll help you to paint a picture.

If i need to spell it out.
12 Months is 131.40 Euro in this picture.
The actual price would be 179,4 but CCP discount increased the longer time you subscribe.

The difference is rougthly about 27% discounted for 12 Months.
Now CCP forgot to stamp it with a red discount lable sadly so we need to think extra.


Im not confused about it at all. understand that each month, 3 months, 6 months and year are discounted accordingly. A once a year discount for a year, secures ccp much more money then they would of. paying for the entire year they would of obtained much more stable income for ccp, effectively helping them, not hurting them.

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This is actually a serious issue. Another example of fail from the UX Design team.

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Reducing the price of all one-year subscriptions, the option that everyone who is at all considering playing for a year is going to buy, by 25% is somehow giving CCP more money? Are you as incompetent at math as you are at game design?

This is actually a serious issue. Another example of fail from the UX Design team.

If you can’t look at a list of lower prices with “you save $X” written below the price and understand that you are getting a discount then you are too ****ing stupid to play EVE and your failure to subscribe is a net benefit for the game.


Your giving humanity too much credit.
They will only end up disappointing us.

We should have picked another solar system. Im joking :rofl: taking s*** to seriously.

Actually that sounds pretty good, CCP could send an Email to each account (on that accounts anniversary) for a 25% discount off the yearly sub price.

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Let’s make it 50% off.

No, get real job so you can afford to play.

They can just reduce the employees salary now that food and rent are free.

They can offer the employees even better discounts on their Eve subscriptions - to offset their lowered salaries.

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To be honest ccp should not charge its employee’s to play. Most companies dont :wink:

I was thinking either this, or they throw in multiple character training for the entire year, if you sub a year.

The intent here is to get some massive push behind a year subscription to help ccp keep the lights on while we work through this tornado of a mess to fix eve.

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I’m pretty sure that by contacting support and with some basic negotiation skills it might be possible to get additional discount if you wish to subscribe an account for a long period of time, for example 10 years. I’ve heard they already do that on case by case basis with massive plex purchases.

Doing periodic/automatic “sales” of 1-year subscription plan is generally bad idea for various reasons.

I highly doubt that. Offering a discount on a year sub to the players on the anniversary of their account creation should generate a larger influx of money as well as help gain more long term players.

For those who already pay yearly subs, the discount would be more like customer appreciation.