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Hello CCP,

you have an error with the “discount” your player base could theoretically make by purchasing the 12-month subscription.

Total: €98.55
You save €80.85

Normal subscription cost was always around 130,XY€, which means that customers save around 30,XY€ and not 80.85€.

Amazon does it correctly: $98.55 (from $131.40); Save $32.85 (25%).


CCP marketing has learned from the narcotics police. Instead of saying they found a pound worth $100, they say they found 450 grams worth $1000 (if sold by the gram).

So CCP compares not apples to apples (12 month to 12 month), they compare apples to watermelons (12 month to paying for a year one month at a time). You’ll get used to how underhanded CCP marketing is pretty quick.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

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Those calculations are based on a normal 1 month subscription without any discount - around $15/month.

$15*12 = $180

Normal year sub was around $130 --> $50 save.

With this discount of 25% it’s $180 - $98.55 = $81.45

Calculations were made based on how much money we can save with 1 year sub under this discount.

Sadly, the discount time interval is very ‘thin’

P.S. I don’t remember previous prices exactly.

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A 1 year subscription was 130 Euros. Basing the savings on the 1-month subscription multiplied by 12 instead of the 1 year subscription just so that the numbers look bigger than they actually are is again a nice example of deceptive marketing by CCP. Great job.

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Hmm, I mean a 1 month sub without discount was $15 or something near. So, $15 * 12 months = $180 based if we will pay monthly during a year. A year sub is $130 - we saving $50 compared to $180. A year sub with discount is $98.55 - we saving $80 compared to $180. This is the calculation order. If I’m not wrong.

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That is CCP’s calculation order, not the order it is supposed to be: 1 year sub did not cost 180. It cost 130. What 12 x 1-month sub cost is irrelevant … unless you are CCP marketing person. Or if it was worded differently to indicate that the savings are compared to 1-month sub x months, not compared to the previous price of the multi-month package. But the old prices aren’t even listed, so a customer doesn’t even know them and can compare the actual savings. Another layer of deception and I am fairly sure not even allowed according to EU law.

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IDK, man. This calculation model is used by other organizations in: banking, marketing. It’s some sort of granular economy, while any kind of rates with discounts and presents are based on some ‘basic/atomic value’.


Then you need to say so. In the past, no discount was based on the 1-month sub. Every discount in the past was, rightfully and correctly, based on the original price of the respective multi-month package. And CCP had the original price listed. That’s how it is supposed to be, and Amazon, as indicated in the first post, did it correctly.

Like this, for example.

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Amazon have clearer pricing than CCP internally. Maybe they need to hire someone from Amazon.

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Exactly …

I am not sure what is happening with CCP, but I don’t like it. I thought that the state of EvE Online was terrible 4 years ago, but with the recent March release which broke the game clients followed by shady stuff like the given offer …

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