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hi all o7

If you have 1 gold bar in 1 country, it has the same value in an other country. Therefor------> EVE online----->1 game, same for all, but has not the same value what you buy it for, 1 year sub.

EU players pay for 1 year sub. € 131, the USA pays € 120, the UK pays €100 and the russians pay € 70, (calculated valuta value) from pounds to € or $ etc. etc.

HOW in the world is that fair???

I pay more for the same fun, pay more for the same ships and time on omega.
draw a line what is fair for all, if you look at a price for a sub. Like in 1 country there can be Northside is poor and south is rich for example, but what does it matter, they are from the EU so FULL price asked for 1 year sub. We all have to work hard to get the money.

i realy want to see a reaction on how ccp or you guys think of this before i sub.

p.s. I realy luv <3 this game.

best regards o7

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It’s not fair. But at the same time, this is a business and the price of the product is set by market conditions. Throw in extra EU taxes that the rest of the world doesn’t have, and the EU sub is going to be more expensive.

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You can always move to Russia.

OP: Please check the Big Mac Index, is the same idea.

The price of gasoline isn’t even the same on the other side of town and this is your argument?



you are missing the point!

If you “love EvE” for yourself…why do you care what others might pay? The game is already cheap as far as entertainment money goes.

The point is you’re suffering from a major case of the first world problems.

These two are rather contradictionary to each other.

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Perhaps CCP believes players in the EU get more fun out of Eve than players in Russia, the US, the UK, etc.

The twisted SF author part of me envisions a mandatory wearable monitor that measures the enjoyment factor of the game and charges proportionally more for folks who rate higher.


Exchange rates fluctuate continuously. If the Euro is worth more than other currencies at the moment, it typically indicates a stronger economy - not something to complain about!

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