To whom it may concern

Why don’t you make it more affordable for every one I stay in South Africa 50 dollars might not seem much for you but for me times that by 17 and that is what it will cost me R850 for well your special would cost well a fifth of most South Africans salaries !!!

Thank you


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What are you talking about?

A yearly sub of EVE Online is a good meal at a good restaurant for a family of 4 on a Friday night in ZA

Actually as a South African a nice meal with wine and nice food with the girlfriend was is more than a yearly sub.

Did you take her to Spurs lol

Your Joking right?

That a terrible place to take anybody to.

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Also why do you want a sub exactly? Players who cannot afford to plex in game are likely not in actual requirement of omega status. If you can’t obtain plex to pay for your omega was it of any real benefit in the first place?

Its the only trivia about SA and dining I know.

Wierd thing was

We had one in my town in Ireland too

Learned about it from a Rhodesian chick I knew

I worked with a guy from there, we used to confuse everybody else by swearing at each other in German and Afrikaans (gutter Dutch in my case)

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You need to print more money.

  1. You can play for free.
  2. There’s plenty of other games out there.
  3. You’re not entitled to playing.
  4. You have my sympathy for your situation, but you need to accept reality.

i did this topic : Brazil
them a guy from Russia did this topic
them you from South Africa
i may be forgetting someone
chill dude apparently just europeans and North Americans are supposed to enjoy this game
rest of the world is to poor and uncivilized to have a saying in that
do like me , pay your plex with isk
is the best F you you can give

I take all my dates to Olive Garden.

They might not return my texts afterwards, but joke’s on them; I have delicious bread sticks all to myself for weeks.

Pro tip: bring zip-lock bags and a water-proof fanny pack (for the sauce and butter). Sometimes I’m even able to stash extras in the dual chest holster when I leave the Longslides at home. Bitches be missin’ out.



Edit: Okay, I don’t see how this post got flagged as spam. Second, it wasn’t a personal attack or trolling, I expressed an idea through a meme. As per wikipedia:

A meme acts as a unit for carrying cultural ideas, symbols, or practices, that can be transmitted from one mind to another through writing, speech, gestures, rituals, or other imitable phenomena with a mimicked theme.

In other words, I was expressing the idea that I strongly disagreed with his opinion by sharing a picture of a face palm.

However, if I am I required to express all ideas and opinions in words now, let me try this:

  1. Omega status is a consumer friendly monetization method that supports the game and it’s developers. And, believe it or not, some people actually like to support their favorite games and devs.
  2. Newbros want access to all the cool toys
  3. Omega benefits can help people achieve better isk efficiencies faster (double training rate)
  4. You seem to have assumed that he wants a sub because he can’t plex. Well, just because you can plex, that doesn’t mean that you don’t want to use subs.
    A) Paying for a sub takes about 1-3 hours worth of work, while paying through plex takes about 3-15 hours of grinding. Thus, subs can free up time for those who would prefer doing other activities.
    B) Players with multiple accounts or multiple characters to train might use a combination of subs, plex, MCT, and MPTC’s. This combination limits the amount of money they spend on a video game, and limits the amount of isk grinding they have to do -which, in turn, decreases burnout.
    C) Subs allow players to keep training even when they are on break and aren’t earning.

Finally, I think I should probably start saving key posts of yours in case you decide to run for CSM again. I think I’ve seen enough of your comments to know that I don’t want you on the CSM, and I’m pretty sure a lot of other people would feel the same way.

Okay, I think that’s it. Not as concise or entertaining as the triple face palm, but better than leaving this ridiculous assertion unchallenged.


I took an actual Italian girl to an Olive Garden.
In my defense, we both flew in late to our rendezvous and had not gotten anything to eat before going to bed. The Olive Garden was the nearest thing.

I’m still hearing about it to this day.

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Well, since she didn’t instantly cut off contact and block you on social media, I’m going to assume that you really splurged, and got the beef, or the shrimp.

Meanwhile, I always kept my liaisons limited to what was listed on the coupons.

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That title is misleading, if more than one of those grannies is Italian I’m Ming the Merciless.

If a meal with the girlfriend is too expensive you could try renting a cheaper class of girlfriend.

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Living up to your name I see.

Read the thread. I did not say anything about it being expensive. Just that a years eve sub is less than a really good meal at a nice restaurant.

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So you should be called Ming now or Mr. Themercyless? :slight_smile:

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