Discrimination against people with vision-related disabilities in the difference between the Alpha UI options and the Omega UI options (Alpha cannot change UI colors, Omega can) (EDIT - SOLVED / MISUNDERSTANDING)

Do I correctly understand that new players using the Alpha state are unable to change the UI colors of the game unless they upgrade to Omega?

One of the basic rules of UI/UX design is that people of different vision abilities need different color palettes of UI elements to actually see the UI and read its text (or at least to do so without hurting their eyes.)

This implies that if the UI color palette settings are locked behind a paywall (the Omega state) the game discriminates against players with vision difficulties.

This isn’t just detrimental to the players, this is detrimental to CCP Games because they are literally losing players based on the inaccessibility of their software.

This has nothing to do with pay-to-win. I acknowledge that EVE Online needs to be pay-to-win so that it can be profitable. The problem I’m talking about is of the form “pay to play but only if your eyes are different.”

EDIT - replies below explain that this issue is already fixed or was not an issue to begin with.

you can, below is from an alpha account

It (at least currently) only affects the menus and text



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Wow, I somehow did not find that.

Thank you for your explanation.

Helloo forum :grinning:

The font size also “discriminates” against those with eyesight issues. I have to live with myopia and my eyes start to hurt two hours into the game from squinting at white text against a black background.
I take a couple of hours off the puter if I want to play longer.
But I’m not going to blame anyone for it, that’s why I put discriminate in quotes. My myopia is no one’s fault and I don’t expect CCP to accommodate every handicap.
However I do agree that putting the UI’s choice of color behind a paywall isn’t very nice at all.

@Drake_Iddon Thank you.

Fifie nearsighted

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You owe CCP an appology


No, no! They have probably maliciously targeted people with vision problems by making the option hard to find. It cannot be his own fault, ever.

They still need to confess their wrongdoing and still owe him an apology and probably some refunds for cruel discrimination. Thats how it works today.

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