Discrimination against Spain/Portugal? EVE ANYWHERE

Hello, I’m going to say it in the nicest way, someone explain me why nothing ever comes out for Spain/Portugal? I mean, this Streaming service can be accessed directly from Spain to France, as do other streaming services like GeForce Now, they do not need servers, Spain is 2h from France (from the capital) (4h from the furthest point) ,with a latency of between 15-20ms from Spain to France on their servers, I do not understand why we are always the same, it is already within the EUROPEAN UNION, so it is NOT ANY LAW, since the laws of the EU, affect ALL COUNTRIES, so they would not need to do more work, they do not need to put servers, only access from Spain.

I am quite tired of this, it is impossible for CCP to do anything with the Spanish. This the database half translated into Spanish, never saw the light even if the community itself wanted to translate it for free for new players.

I want to say also that those who puteaban to CCP are those who live on the other side of Europe, in Latin America, which we are not all like them, there many do not want to pay anything, here to pay 15 €, is to buy 2 pizzas and a coke in Spain.

No one has said anything about it, we send him mails about it, no one says anything, we are quite tired, then ask why no new Spanish speaking player enters.

Same here brother. I live in Burkina Faso, disputed zone. EVE anywhere never comes to us. They are discriminating against us Asian people too.

But we do not have any dispute xD

Theres dispute everywhere. Does your neighbor not have a dispute with you?

Same as Burkina Faso. Our neighbors, Niger, keeps sending people over to our house, and they keep killing our future capsuleers. Very sad, but yes, it is a neighborhood dispute.

Your map disgusts me with is discrimination

They do need servers, i mean you’re free to use GFN if you prefer and its available, but CCP will be rolling this out slowly because it costs money, and remember this is the free beta, the end product will cost money because its just a cloud gaming machine

You do know that they’re still beta testing, right?

I can’t tell you how or why they’ve selected the countries that they have for beta testing, but I promise you that they didn’t leave any countries out because of discrimination. So, all I can suggest is to be patient. I’m sure they’ll open it up to more countries, or even the entire world with their next step.
No P2W

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Do not invent, you can access from Spain to the servers of France, only have to give access, no one would notice the difference, and go much better servers in France than in Spain, in Spain are very bad. It is not free, it will be included in the omega plan, so you can only play if you have the omega activated.

And? you think they are going to open it to the whole world, when they have not tested it in all the countries? don’t be naive, it is not going to be released in the countries that were not selected.

Right, but the thing you’re forgetting is that those servers still need to communicate with TQ which is in england, so yeah the more latency you add with distance the worse the experience is going to be and the more likely it is that data loss will become an issue

Currently your PC does all the heavy lifting and just communicates directly with the server, with EVE Anywhere your machine has to connect to a server that then does the heavy lifting and and then has to communicate with both you and the game server, the further the server is away from you the more latency you’re adding on that initial step, there is a reason all of the cloud gaming services want the servers to be as close to the end user as possible to minimise that delay, you can claim its something that is being “invented” but its literally just basic networking

Not going by what was said in the initial blog mentioning it EVE Anywhere enters beta | EVE Online

Omega pilots in the USA can currently enjoy EVE Anywhere for the duration of the new test at no additional cost

Which implies there will infact be an additional cost for the feature, which is just common sense, the only way to include it with the current omega is to increase the price or have a more expensive option which includes EVE Anywhere, just like Geforce Now the servers will have costs so it won’t be free and it won’t be running directly on TQ, so expecting it to be included at no extra cost is silly

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terra adorada

Sorry, but I just can’t seem to get past this…that’s a great price! Yum! Two pizza and a coke for 15 euro?! Excellent!


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