More countries for Eve Anywhere

Hello! Im a really new player who just started eve online today. I had been playing eve echoes since last year and i dreamt of playing eve online which i did today and man, it’s awesome! It has cool things that eve echoes does not support! But i have a problem here, it’s laggy.

I have a brand new computer here which should be able to run anything nicely. But eve online is still lagging. So i was advised by some friends to play eve anywhere in browser, where i need not install anything just a good internet connection. So i did but, since i live in India well i simply can’t play eve anywhere. I am just 15 years old but if i had been older i would have definitely shifted to USA and play that :joy: .

Hence i wanted to bring to the CSM’s notice that i wanted to request about eve anywhere servers being available to India. I would really appreciate a reply. Thank you very much in advance!


If you saw the devblog, they are increasing the territories where eve anywhere is playable. Give it some time. Their goal is everywhere.

They mentioned more areas this year

Everywhere except IPv6 land :smirk:

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Wait ohhhh what’s the dev log? I mean, i never saw that yet so im gonna see that today. Thank you very much for telling!

Wait uhh? :sweat_smile:

pay no mind to them.

The service will also be rolled out into more territories later on this year, as we work towards our ultimate goal of releasing EVE Anywhere…everywhere!

Ahh man okay okay, im sorry😓 thank you very much for sending this!

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