EVE Anywhere very low on servers - can we have some more? 😇

EVE Anywhere (it is BETA, I know :slight_smile: - no complaint here, just feedback :wink:) has the last two days in particular had very few servers available relative to the population - the 22nd I tried to get in every 15 minutes or so from 1600 GMT+1 and had no luck before 2010 GMT+1 (and then quickly logged off to give others the chance, after adjusting my skills a few minutes) and today the 23rd I have tried to log on since around 0830 GMT+1 and have had no luck yet, at 1230 GMT+1.

Screenshot of the constant result below.

I can understand why it is hugely popular, especially with people on the road during Christmas - sadly I have no option to install from where I am, so not being able to log in is currently crippling for my EVE play.

Any chance extra servers can be committed to EVE Anywhere, at least temporarily, considering how popular it is right now AND that every single user have paid for Omega to use it? - I assume it will be meaningful to invest in the extra Azure cloud servers, even from a strict business perspective, to keep all those EVE Anywhere Omega accounts happy and paying in the long run :innocent:

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Why is this in test server feedback? This space is specific to singularity not tranquility, and you cannot access the test server from eve anywhere. General issues would be a better place for this I think (you can move it by editing your first post)

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Agreed and sorry; I misunderstood the “test server” moniker. Moving it now. EDIT: Done :slight_smile:

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Just trying to make sure this gets better traction to be noticed.

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And thank you for that :innocent:

I would also suggest that players who suddenly, without any apparent reason, are removed from the server in the middle of a mission (like me 23rd Dec at 1910 GMT+1) get priority for returning to the server :wink: (again no complaint, I’m just trying to give useful info).

Might be a new problem though, as I now intermittently also get this message when trying to log on EVE Anywhere:

Today, the 24th Dec, there has been no problems logging in :grinning:

No major issues the 25th December - only the first few attempts after downtime were rejected with “No servers available”. Got access after 30 min or so :slight_smile:

No problems 26th December.

The 27th gave me several hours of attempts before I could log on after downtime - before downtime there was no problem.

28th Dec. problems getting a server 4 hours before downtime, but was logged in after one extra attempt. Problems again after downtime.

Not to be rude, but I don’t think this is necessary. Eve anywhere is not completely set up, so it’s still in “test mode”

The fact server’s are running out is a good thing for CCP, cause it shows them how many are wanting/needing to use it compared to the full game experience

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Not rude at all, I completely agree, that is also why I make clear this is feedback, not a complaint :slight_smile: Being forcefully logged out for no apparent reason and then not being able to get back in hours was the original issue that led to this post - it has not been nowhere that bad since, so was probably a fluke.

That said, CCP risk losing the players paying only for Omega to get EVE Anywhere access (because we cannot use the installed version) if access is highly instable - and that would be bad, if it is any serious number of players. If I am the only one experiences this I have no problem with it, even though I am also Omega and dose not have access to installing the game. But to me EVE is a luxury, not a necessity.

It’s still only testing mode, when it was released it was at first for u.s. customers. That’s why your still having issues, other countries have access to it ( don’t recall who does exactly) best thing is to tag someone like @CCP_Paragon or @CCP_Swift who could provide a road map into any updates for EA

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I deleted my previous post, agreeing with you, since EVE Anywhere was expanded to also include my country (Denmark) the 20th of August 2021: EVE Anywhere Expands | EVE Online

So I should not be having troubles for that reason, although I still fully acknowledge that BETA can and will result in many other troubles :innocent: Which however then is noteworthy here, exactly to improve before moving on from BETA stage.

Again today I was kicked twice from the server for no apparent reason (everything else online was stable all day) and having to try several times afterwards while getting the “not enough servers” notice.

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