Where is Eve Anywhere?

Info dropped in 2021 about it and NOTHING else, this would make it much easier for me to actually play the game more often, does anyone know anything about when it will be available in the USA?

I think they where talking about it at fanfest. But don’t know details.

it already is?

go to eveonline.com
Log in (top right)
then when it sends you back to the site, you should see

Assuming you’re Omega.

If it hasn’t showed up then, try refreshing the page.

If it’s still not there, then it’s not available to your country as of yet.

But seeing as though you are in the U.S. it is available for us here

Works really well on my chromebook the big hurdle to this is haveing a stable connection. Id be deathly scared if I had to do any PVE.

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