Discussion: Using 100s of Drones to Create a "bubble" in Low Sec should be officially deemed and exploit

Case Closed.

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This is what I love most about Eve. They built a hardcore PvP single-shard server. Then the krabs came and populated it. Even when the krabs are in lowsec, they complain about any emergent gameplay that might interfere with their grind. Even when there are highly effective countermeasures, the krabs refuse to learn and prefer to complain impotently.


So its Akhbazon, I saw it myself a couple minutes ago. And this is OP’s related loss: Harbinger | Artenno Pollard | Killmail | zKillboard

I am sure, if those drones weren’t there, the OP would have lived. He only died from massive lag, which conviniently is only affecting those who jump inside the system and not those who are gate-camping it.

I was there and yes, there is a lag-spike when the grid loads, but on my old PC with single client open, that lagspike was just few seconds and after the grid was loaded it was smooth as normal. Of course, there was nothing visible on overview due to those drones, but that is what the extra tabs on overview are for.

Clearly people are NOT doing it with the intention of lagging the server. (and so far nobody really has provided proof of this happening in gatecamps)

They are doing it to decloak carebears, that would be hard to decloak otherwise. (This is also why people are mad about it) I think this is pretty toxic, to call exploit on people just using the mechanics in the game. If CCP has problems with a few hundred objects on a grid, they need to find ingame solutions for that.


In a slow ship like a harbinger there is no chance. He didn’t die because of the drones he died because he was in a harbinger. There was enough fire power to pretty much lock and instantly nuke him before he could do anything drone cloud or not.

We did this tactic back in 2009 already and received a warning from a GM back then as well. The answer was the same: too much objects on a grid cause significant load, resulting in lag, especially on non-reinforced nodes. the GM also removed all our stuff from the gate.

Asking about “how many” we also received teh answer that the situation would be handled on a case to case basis. However, below 30 objects we would be probably pretty safe. We stuck to that limit and never had issues with a GM again.

fleet battle 1800 km. off the gate .

looks like the 30 players shooting him caused his death .

hey you can’t take both sides not fair !! :grin:

Why is your post all blue and stuff?

Because it is the truth. :wink:

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