Setting up a gate camp using abandoned drones

is it legal to setup a gate camp with bubbles and 100 drones surrounding the gate for the purpose of decloaking the user jumping into the system?

Is there a limit to the drones for this purpose documented or is this tactic illegal? And if it’s illegal, why is it allowed? Doesn’t the computer know how many drones have been abandoned by a player?

Please help me understand if this tactic is useful?

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I think the people are trying to stop BOING BOING from entering their system.

Devious! As to the question of its useful the only way I can imagine being able to pull it off is with having a mobile depot letting you get drones from the cargo bay to the drone bay. Which means with every deployment of drones you have to keep going back to the depot. Sounds like so much trouble it might not be a practical tactic.

What is this, 2009?


Last time we set up like 300 shuttles around a gate to do the same thing gms removed it and gave warnings not to do it again


Was a reason ever given?

“lagging everyone coming through the gate” or some ■■■■■■■■ like that

yet they have no problem people putting hundreds of cans n depos in peri and jita lagging the ■■■■ out of thousands of people


How long ago was that and would it still have the same effect today I wonder…just empty ships scattered about…? Surely if its possible now to have hundreds if not thousands of ships battling together 300 empty shuttles should not be an issue?

It wasn’t that long ago, maybe 1-2 years? it still works, ccp just doesnt like it (at least when gankers use it)

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When I was learning to use combat probes I was finding empty reapers/corvettes everywhere. I bookmarked them then went back and gathered them in one spot…maybe ten. Not sure what happened to them but they were gone in just a couple days. I wonder if it was CCP staff that made them disappear or what? I certainly did not mean to cause troubles.

Because jita lags by default, the cans don’t actually make any kind of noticeable difference :stuck_out_tongue:

Goto peri gate or 4-4 it makes a big difference

That is outrageous!!!, anyone named Boing Boing should be able to travel anywhere…

Be a professional and use celestial bodies (frozen corpses) most people don’t have them on overview and they are easier to eject en masse at the proper locations to cover the key areas of the gate and do not produce the same lag as drones as require no AI calculations in opposition with drones / shuttles / ships in general and you can just scoop them back up when done and take little space so can carry, deploy and recover them with ease and in a timely manner. :skull:

I have thousands of them for sale at Jita 4-4 (750K each currently) so if you want to acquire a bunch for this (or other) purpose just drop me an EVEmail. :wink:


I’ve wondered if it is done to help those waiting for war targets.

This trick is older than my left hand

You can drop a corpse as is and it won’t simply appear in a jet can???

Yep they will appear in space the same way as if a pod exploded.

You nuts?

Hardly, jita has always been a performance nightmare, even before they added depots it was always a mess to undock from 4-4, the depots and cans didn’t really add anything in terms of lag from where i sit