Disonance and Co. [DI CO]

We’re pretty simple. Just got out of the toxicity of FacWar, got into a C5.

What we offer:

-Wormhole life style
-PVP (solo, small gang, fleet)
-Willing to teach new bros and new to Wormhole bros
-No Skill requirements (we believe in developing the best, not just recruiting them)
-PVE of any flavor
-Friendly atmosphere, if sometimes out of hand

What we’re looking for:
-US/AU/EU TZ players
-Willingness to learn, participate, and stay active
-People who want to kill something
-People who want to chew rocks
-Good Attitudes

What we don’t want:
-People with an attitude

If this sounds like something you want to be apart of and grow with, send an in game mail to Tevo Hyalhi (US/AU TZ) or Gee Nyx (EU TZ)

It’s another new day, and you could be doing something new with Disonance and Co. [DI CO], what are you waiting for?

Everyday is a new day with new opportunities, Disonance and Co. [DI CO] is one of them.

New day, new problems? Not at Disonance and Co. [DI CO], feel like a change yet?

Ready to do something new? We’re ready to help you out

What makes us different is we understand players need to make ISK. We have group activities to make players ISK, or if you want, you can make your ISK solo. We are Corporation centric, because a strong Corp can make up for any individual pilots decencies. If you want to be someone who matters and makes a difference, if even in just 1 wormhole, or in the larger scope of things to come, Disonance and Co. may be the home you’re searching for.

join us on coms @ https://discord.gg/u2k2E4 and say hi.

We’re still looking for recruits to make a difference

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