Just what the title says.
I installed EvE Online yesterday and today I see that there is no shortcut to the game or client anywhere.
What kind of game developers wouldn’t think of putting a shortcut to the desktop?
I searched C: for “EVE”, “CCP”, “EVE Online” and found nothing.

Right now, I opened the installer and it opened the client. I will start the game that way until I find a shortcut.

This is ridiculous.

The shortcut appears on my desktop now, after I initiated the installer a second time.

Now the problem is that when I click the shortcut and click on Open File Location my pc tells me Application not found ??

Where are CCP’s files?

Never mind. I know what happened now.

Care to explain so if others have that problem they can try what you did.

I had an old game account from 2016 on Steam. Only played a few days but some of the files lingered in my Steam account without my knowledge.
I don’t want the game on Steam this time and since the client installer doesn’t give an option as to where to install, it’s a matter to get it to ignore Steam. I uninstalled Steam, to be sure. Will reinstall it later.

Just finished installing the game.
Is EVE Online a Steam-exclusive game?
Can’t it work without Steam?

I uninstalled Steam to have the game files separate from Steam but the installer recreated a Steamapp folder with Common folder…

I thought EVE Online could be played out of Steam. Is that correct or can’t it?

Download here without any steam connection: