Is EVE Online a Steam-exclusive game?

Just finished installing the game.
Is EVE Online a Steam-exclusive game?
Can’t it work without Steam?

I uninstalled Steam to have the game files separate from Steam but the installer recreated a Steamapp folder with Common folder…

I thought EVE Online could be played out of Steam. Is that correct or can’t it?

Yes, you can play EVE without steam. I bet the majority of players play without steam.

There is a standalone launcher that can be used if you do not want to rely on Steam. I’ve never used the Steam version of the game so I am uncertain if you require Steam to keep the game up to date or not, someone else with experience may be able to chime in.

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Thank you. Now I have to uninstall and reinstall again.

Why does the EVE Online website have the Steam-supported launcher and not the stand alone launcher since according to both above posts the majority of player do not play through Steam?
So there are two different launchers and I was supposed to know that.

This link you posted is for the same launcher I tried before that created a new Steam forlder along with the Common and Eve folders…

Oh well, I guess this game isn’t for me.

@Xi_Ann see

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These instructions is what I followed.
Until it comes to this part:
“You will be asked to confirm the default installation path or you may choose a different location.”

It never asked for the installation path, it just started the launcher and it downloaded all the files, 30something GB.

I will try to download it again and if it doesn’t give me the choice as to the path I will just let it install wherever it wants and I will play it from wherever it wants.

It seems that the more technology advances the less choices we get.

now it asked me for the path I want.

Your link was good. Thank you and apologies.


Considering eve is older than steam, i doubt ccp would ever go exclusive somewhere like steam


John here was my Steam account for Linux OS. I can use it just fine since I dropped Steam. The reason I dropped Steam, I was only playing this one game using it and the game already has a launcher. Using Linux OS + 2 launchers doesn’t make for good memory management.

To convert any Steam account to be used on the CCP launcher, visit the website and login using the Steam link icon. Then request to change your password. The system will realize you need a User ID and a new password. After that you can use the non-Steam launcher with your new ID and password.

I really dislike game launchers, but this generation must be in love with them, I have no idea why they would. I suppose their brains would melt, if the game just ran without the launcher popping up. I always shut the launcher down once the client is running, this will save some CPU cycles.

Probably CCP wants advertisement space to promote and sell you stuff thus they prefer to have the launcher. :thinking:



Guess why the minimum size of the launcher hides everything except the advertisements?


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@Uriel_the_Flame other than the adverts of course, the only reason I could see for any game company offering their launcher, would be having a library of games. For example; I do understand the Ubisoft launcher, they make so many various series ( Assassin’s Creed, Prince of Persia, Tom Clancy games, etc. ) make it easy access to your games. While I do have the Ubisoft launcher, it is an optional feature, as I mostly use the individual game links provided. However CCP has just the one game and offers us no option. The only positive I can state, about the CCP launcher, is the SSO allows one to login without stumbling over user ID and password.

CCP Devil’s Advocate: “1. EVE Online 2. EVE Vanguard

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Robert’s Space Industries only has one game, they have a launcher.

A launcher is a good and simple platform for multiplayer online games to ensure version compatibility. CCP has had a launcher for decades now, this is a new version, not a new concept.

@Andlaust And…
I already stated and sited example; Any company with only a single game to offer is just adding bloatware. Forcing the launcher, when it is unwanted or unneeded, is just making matters worse. CCP has 1 game ( 2 if you don’t factor in, you must download Eve Online to play Vanguard). As a result, valuable work resources are taken away from the game, when the launcher breaks.

When the launcher is bugged or breaks, there is no way to access the game. If the Ubisoft launcher broke, I am still able to play my games. Direct desktop links are not available for this game on any platform. This game launcher only works as intended for PC Windows. It is only able to operate in other OS using 3rd party tools developed by CodeWeavers hard work and not even endorsed or paid for by CCP. Proton is Steam’s proprietary version of Wine and has nothing to do with CCP either. Linux OS has to run these extras because a Linux launcher and client simply do not exist for this game. What “platforms” does the EVE Launcher work with??? AFAIK you can’t run this on XBox or Playstation, did you perhaps read of a Nintendo deal in the works? It is my opinion CCP needs to focus all efforts into the client and not advert launchers. Once they get that done, then and only then, should they consider expanding in launchers, platforms, and other OS.

I’m sorry, did you have a point in all that?

The way I see it, you have two options. Use the launcher or don’t play the game.

Pick one.

This is 2024, everyone uses launchers. Either deal with it or stick to consoles. Complaining about something that’s become the industry standard on PC is moronic.

No, moronic is being a sheep and following the cookie cutter boilerplate. I suppose you are content with the 60 GB standard this game has quickly become just in the past 2 years? I am not blaming all the bloat on the new launcher, but it is part of that bloat. Technically I see Steam as a game catalog, since they no longer produce their own games, and not all the games they offer require their service. Just because Steam is a successful online game retailer, the game companies want the end user to think “launchers are needed”. As stated above by @Uriel_the_Flame and @Gerard_Amatin they just want to sell you something. They have the button for the NES down in the left corner but that is not enough. They want to shove it up in your face when you launch the game.

When I write up a program, I design it for the end user and not for the CEO. The end user needs it to be easy to use. Making it easy to use, makes the end user content and more productive, and that helps the company in the end. The goal of this and every other game is or rather was entertainment value, build a more entertaining game and people will pay you for it. However CCP - as did so many others - is lost in a sea of copies, their focus is shifted to forced marketing and micro transactions. I only wonder how long it will be before they rent those Quafe billboards in the stations to Monster or Red Bull energy drinks? Imagine the easy ad revenues, while they bombard you with product while you are in dock.

Last I checked 2024 is halfway done and 2025 is around the next turn ahead. If I were a game developer, wanting my product to shine above the rest, it would be better to focus on entertainment value and being unique. Stop following the herd, it only leads to the slaughter house.

Holy f*ck dude, get a grip.

As I said, use it or don’t. I don’t care which, and I don’t need a sh*tpost about your power fantasy and what you imagine you’d do.

This world is full of people who sit there and whine that it’s not the way they’d do it. Unless you’re going to get off your ass and do it, no one needs to hear what you imagine you’d do. We’re not children who need a bedtime story.