Steam June 2023 Upgrade

Ever since Steam upgraded their launcher this past month, the whole thing has been giving me some grief. They removed some user features and now the system hogs up a lot more memory than it did before. The integrated Google web browser has no options to reduce or disable the usage. This has me thinking Steam might be forcing the collection of personal information. I don’t know the legal structure on this launcher, but I am suspicious when things I could shut down before, can’t be turn off now. I might end up running Eve without the Steam launcher. I am looking into my options. Unfortunately some games I like to play on Steam are not available without it or they would require me to purchase them over again. It might not seem to be very important to many of you. The “webhelper” application appears in the task manager and while it may not soak up much RAM it is an unwanted program as I don’t use Google Chrome as a browser. I end up with this game and others chugging slower than ever before. Support was notified a week ago, but I haven’t heard back from them.

I personally like the new look of the steam application.

I got 32gb of ram so I am not too concerned on usage. (Yes, I know it’s a horrible argument.)

This game runs great as a standalone launcher. I lost my steam EVE account (long story/grew as a person). So, I had the opportunity to switch to just the EVE launcher and I love its simplicity. Don’t know how badly CCP will break the launcher if they push their beta launcher onto the masses.

So perhaps the Steam launcher is not all perfect and beautiful as I believed so? Because I have no clue what it does in the background.

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Just an FYI update for anyone considering to drop steam but still want to play Eve Online. A few months ago, I uninstalled this game from my Steam launcher. I first got it running without the Steam and migrated my user settings folder from Steam to the new one. Steam is just used for one or two games now, but since the Apex Legends new 18th season, I went as far as uninstalling Steam as well. I am giving it a rest for the present. This game seems to function better when I close out the Eve Online launcher in the background. This action will just not allow you to swap accounts until you reactivate the launcher.

I am concerned now that CCP has announce a new launcher in beta. Obviously it is their game and not our game to design. I will not download the beta to test it, but soon they will force it upon us. I wonder how many remember the old functional UI they replaced last year with the Photon UI we must use now? I believe having options are better. I feel like the man who keeps tossing the fish back into the ocean and it keeps swimming to the beach trying to kill itself. CCP may survive, but they appear to have a deathwish when it comes to making some decisions.

As for your Steam characters, CCP does allow you to migrate them to the launcher. So even if you do drop Steam (as I have done), you can retain your Steam developed characters within the game. The main website account credentials will allow you to make a new user ID for your Steam account.

Fly safe o7

Not really, the requirement for this type of software and operating systems and other software is increasing as time goes on. Anti virus and firewall programs now take up a good portion of system usage so it’s not unusual for consumers the have to update their hardware every 5 or 6 years to match the minimum standard.

Many of the 4gb RAM laptop I repair seriously struggle these days, and I have no clue why they sell laptops with such low RAM in the UK, even 8 GB RAM Laptops struggle these days even with a basic setup and one or two low profile games. My next build will definitely be a 32GB RAM.

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Yah I am scared about how big games are getting man. I got 1tb of SSD and I fear it won’t be enough.

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i am pretty sure that there are or were some commands to disable the web browser and other stuff, otherwise i could not have played m&b2 on release when i still had my old computer

@Tahiro that depends when you used it. currently not one of the command line options are functional for the new Steam interface.
@Anthony_FatTony_Amico I hear you, the games don’t “need” to be big and flashy for them to be popular. This can be seen in simple games such as Minecraft. I never played that one myself, but I know the RAM and GPU requirements has to be very low usage since everything is low poly cubes. While I know people enjoy the surreal game graphics of Cyberpunk 2077, there was a lot of bugs upon release. Apparently in today’s game market companies just release garbage and patch it later… unless the company is Bethsda.
@Aaron I live in the states, my city is about 35 to 40 K population. My nephew picks me up some nights and we cruise the neighborhood looking for computers in the trash. Yes we have found working PCs in the curbside pickup. The ones not working we repair and put them back to use for others. Not long ago, I found a working i5-core mobo with 8GB RAM, all that it needed was a new HDD. If my city is typical of the US, then my god are we ever so wasteful here. Have fun with that build.


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