Distribution missions don't consider the fleet hangar part of your cargo hold

I took a level 4 distribution mission using an Occator.
Below is the issues and workarounds i did with doing the mission in an Occator.


  1. Got warning my cargo hold was not big enough, true but the fleet hangar is more than large enough. Workaround : Ignore
  2. Got warning i was leaving without the mission cargo even though it was in the fleet hangar. Workaround : Ignore
  3. Mission HUD wants me to go back to the pick up station as it thinks i don’t have the cargo in the ship. Workaround : Had to set the destination from the the read details window.
  4. Could not complete the mission when at destination and cargo in the fleet hangar. Workaround : Moved cargo to item hangar in the station and completed mission.

Make these things fleet hangar aware and treat the fleet hangar as part of the cargo hold.

Possible additional enhancement.
It may be worth having a new warning if the fleet hangar is set to allow corp mates or fleet access that another person could take your mission cargo.

Edit (17:03 GMT)
Additional bug with reward sharing.

Did not get the option to share the reward with my fleet if the HUD did not think the mission was complete, even though I could complete the mission with the cargo in the item hangar.
Workaround : With the cargo in the item hangar, undock and redock. This seems to cause the HUD to reevaluate the stage of the mission I am in and move it to the complete (start conversation) stage. Then I get the share reward dialog appear when completing the mission.

PS I assume many of these bugs would happen if you moved the items in multiple trips too. But I have not tested that.


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If you can fly an Occator, you can also fly a Viator which can complete most distribution missions in the time it takes a DST to align off the dock. There is only 1 storyline mission that requires more than 8K M3 and the BR can complete that in 2 trips - still faster than the DST.

There’s an argument for taking multiple missions at the same time - which works if they’re all heading in the same direction but anytime I tried that they were all headed in opposite directions!

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