Distribution storey mission bugged?

just recently came back to eve after a loooong break, so doing missions to get reacquainted. combat and exploration im good with but i decided to check out some of the AIR career mission guide whatever PVE missions. most of the missions where pick up this and deliver it here, but i got one that said urgent mission offer, accepted and it says part 1 of 5 involving doll deliveries. forget the name of it, but ok whatever. the 3rd? part i want to say it said pick up dolls and deliver, but didnt have a location. then on the left side drop out for more info it said i had to warp to deadspace.

it didnt have a location actually listed to set as destination, so i just clicked by the drop down and it warped me to a location but there were just abandoned things floating around. i approached a few but none were interactable and none had cargos to open… an enemy target appeared then seconds later, dissapeared before i could even click on it to lock.

a few minutes passed, and this happened maybe 2 or 3 more times. never attacked, nothing to do, nothing on d scan but the usual crap, all my filters where normal.

i was about to give up and warp out when i notice the dolls magically appeared in my cargo and i could now warp back to the agent to finish the mission, which i did.

what the hell was this? bug? i didnt have to do anything, but i the enemy appearing and dissapearing a few times threw me off. i was expeting the usual ambush in waves but nothin.


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Lemme ask someone who does distribution missions mainly and see if they know something

this one? Lost That Bet - EVE University Wiki

Its normal for the distribution mission you ran…the ship appears and comes back and the doll is transfered to cargohold…(just wait)

Look up 4 of 5 in @Eysk’s link and save time not mining the rocks fully :wink: