CCPlease allow distribution agents to see into fleet hangars

I love the new look of my Bustard, and have been doing distribution missions with it. Lvl 3 and 4 cargos fill the cargo bay quickly, so they go into the fleet hangar. I pick destinations so I can haul up to a dozen missions at once. Unfortunately, when I get to a receiving station the mission list won’t indicate which one can be delivered/completed. Dragging all cargo into item hangar of station will allow completion, but mission list still doesn’t recognize that the required items are on station. The new list won’t tell you where the item needs to go, unless it is in cargo bay. I have started keeping the agent conversation windows open so I can click through them to see what missions can be completed at the current station.
Again, I like the new ship models and even the new mission list, but please allow it to read the fleet hangar inventory.

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