Could we get the little orange marker for the delivery hangar?

Currently when a new item enters your item hangar or ship inventory, be it from a market order, a contract, a trade, or some other source, there is a little orange tick-mark that shows up on the Neocom and then next to the “item hangar” label on the inventory screen.

Would it be possible to get that same orange marker for the delivery hangar in Upwell structures? I know that there is a popup when items are delivered, but I’m sure many of us don’t notice or forget when items are delivered, only to lose assets we swore we had on one of our alts, or to randomly find a bunch of junk in the delivery hangar. Just seems like it would be a nice QOL change.


as much as we have hated on the dots on hangars, it actually makes sense for the delivery hanger


While we’re on the subject, is there any way to search across a character’s deliveries hangars ?

I’ve got assets in deliveries hangars spread across the map but without visiting each station in turn, I don’t know what they are or if other people have delivered stuff I simply don’t know about.

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