How do I open cargo hold?

I have to move my Navitas ship into my cargohold to complete a mission. I have the Navitas in my ship hangar, and I also see a Ore Hold under my current active ship in my inventory section. But I don’t see a cargo hold section anywhere. Where can I open the cargo hold?

nvm, figured it out. Had to change to a different ship with a larger cargo hold and also repackage the Navitas to fit it in there and finish the mission.


For missions that require having an object at a station for agent turn-in, it doesn’t actually need to be in your cargo hold; but it does have to be repackaged.

This is relevant for missions where you need a lot of ore or minerals in one place - you don’t have to fit it all in your ship’s cargo hold, the station item hangar will work.

Edit to add: for missions calling for multiples of an object, all of them need to be in one spot - they cannot be split between your ship cargo hold and the station item hangar, for example.


First these kind of quick questions and answers you’re best to ask in the ingame Rookie Channel. Will save you a lot of time that way.

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