Divinity Social App

Trying to sign up for Divinity Social, cannot find the login? :<

swf looking for ganking, long walks, isk, not into mining sorry


Costs 1 billion to sign up.

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isk sent



Now why would that be a problem, CCP Games?

Rude lol. Not you IO

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Hi, ASL?

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Too many options for dealing with potential matches. Swipe left, swipe right, swipe their isk, swipe their corporation, swipe their cargo… where does it all end. I need binary choices with obvious answers or I’ll use a different dating app that is simple enough for me. People shouldn’t be forced to look for meaningful relationships on a dating app if they don’t want to. There should be other options for people of all interests, or CCP could start me off in a relationship so that I can catch up to people who’ve been dating longer than me.




Is this another April Fool’s gag?

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Ya the youtube is 2 yrs old

I’d swipe right!

With hopeful regards
-James Fuchs

cannot find the login?

You first must upgrade to Omega Pro Max…

hii! hru?

hii. p good but kinda tired. might enjoy a relaxing evening of semi-afk bumping and some netflix. wanna come?

haha ya can we watch a movie or something? omw

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ok see u in a bit

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hey i had fun


nice to meet u haha

Could Frosty sign up to that for [Divinity Social ?

Promise to behave myself!

What did you watch

Snowflake and the Seven Frostpacker’s.

/It was the one were the evil witch gave one of the Frostpacker’s a poisoned apple.

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