EVE Online Dating ( Divinity Social )

While CCP might think this is a funny April fools joke, these days its hard to tell from a normal release.


If only features were presented to the players with the same ‘swipe left’ and ‘swipe right’ as dating apps maybe CCP would make a better game.

Where the bearded ladies at?

I thought this game was rated PEGI 12.

I thought it was funny.

Then again, I also find Dad jokes funny so take my advice with a pillar of salt, not just a grain.

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In particular because the linked website didn’t even work in the beginning. Perfect example of #CCPQualityFeature. :joy:


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As a capsuleer sitting your whole life in a capsule you only need virtual waifu that you can think of in the moments between battles or trading PLEX. The Divinity Social was destined to be a failure. Capsuleers social environment dont profit off of it.

The situation could change if there would be a need to leave your capsule, then you would be disconnected from Aura and wide resources of Galnet, and you would feel emptiness sitting alone in your captain quarters, sometimes. Then it would be nice to swipe left or right and practice mating rituals.

As the founder of DivinitySocial and inventor of the improved, adaptive match-making algorithm, I can assure you we are not some April Fool’s joke.

Feel free to come see me and DivinitySocial [DISOC] in EVE, and let us help you meet your match!

Zeus Lovejoy

I admit this fooled me for about a half minute. I was “WHAT!!!”

Talk about a source of wife agro.

What’s the cooldown timer?

You mean the time it would take for my body to reach room temp?

I’m a happy man
my eve pseudo girlfriend is the BEST S3


This one of those “man love” apps?

I think it must be, as it’s really not worth going to the trouble of building a hetero site when the male/female ratio is 10,000 to 1.

Not judging. Just seeking clarity.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

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Customary clarity or the new and improved clarity?

This sucks, my inbox is already full.

Please increase the limit above 5,000.

LOL the video says “buy love fittings.”

Well done CCP.

TEARS crypto coin now.


When a̴i̴r̴ hot drop?


Good thing they wasted time on this instead of ‘Dock’ buttons that DOCK and ‘Jump’ buttons that JUMP!

I use ‘d’. Right there under my left middle finger.