What EVE really needs: A dating platform!

That’s a video found on hoboleaks.

What do you think about inter-species marriage, sex and mixed species children?


I guess mixed-race-character-creation really is coming.
Took them long enough!


Whats next, hats that fit without hair loss?


Can i marry my fedo?

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I don’t even …

What …


Ive been in polygamus civil partnership with mine since '15

So this is what happens when Solstice takes it easy and gets a hug :grinning:

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Is that a ThreeTrig-Way Relationship going on in that video?


We already have that and it’s abysmal.

I saw that video weeks ago on Sisi and it made me wonder if that guy was immediately outcast from his family for taking part in this video shot. Not only because of the trig but primarily because of this hideous hairdo. :joy:


Everyone knows that trigs dont bond, only triangulate to have babies.

It shouldnt be called social. The Ad is misleading.

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Pffffffft. So this is what we got for new ads, huh?

Dunno but when fan fest & regionals start up again CCP need to mix the disco with a more female heavy clientele partner.

When I was in the military they ran 2 free buses to the town centre, only girls were allowed on and they got two free drinks to join the base party.

Samething when I was in school they mixed the engineering with a local nurses college to hit parity.

Just makes sense for CCP to try the same for any bashes. Intergame online dating before inter spieces.

PR would be good too, well unless something awful happened. The odd murder never harmed couchsurfing though.

:+1: to eve tinder
and maybe a eve chess . com

What’s “Divinity Social” ?
I can’t find any relevant webpage on that.
Can’t have an opinion without knowing what it’s all about.
Is it a future EVE feature? Is it a meme, a joke?

O.P could’ve given a link or further explanation. As it is, the post leaves me wondering.


Me too, but we want to officialize our union, for the tax cuts and the children.

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It is an ad, like Matigu Sushi ad, or Quafe ad.

There is no service, it is something you can see on the screen and pretend you can have Zorya waifu.

Ruining peeps expectations since 2015


Instead of swiping left or right you “Jettison” or “Tackle”


Tackle and neut for goldiggers…


This Minmatar capsuleer will not get distracted by sentimentality. The Amarrians will pay for enslaving my people and no amount of seduction will sway my thirst for revenge.

Thank you, Nana.

Who am I to judge ?! If that makes you happy … :slight_smile:

Will there be any shemales also ?