What EVE really needs: A dating platform!

When I was in the military those girls had a name, and it wasn’t complimentary.


When I was in the armed forces I used to call them Ladies… and still do.


That’s fair; I’d call them ladies these days because I’m no longer 18, drunk and looking to hook up.

That said some of those young ladies had a lot of metaphorical mileage on them


All aboard the STI Express!

Whoors, megaslags, mattresses, sick-call angels, and many others less suitable for such an upstanding venue as this I’m sure.

Oh good bob, man! You married the stripper, didn’t you? You were warned! Crap. Poor guy.

pretend? au contraire!


Bicycles, everybody had a ride on the high mileage models.

They better should think how to increase the population of Bluefin Tuna in the ocean.

Well, at least they are not introducing loli ship avatars anytime soon.
…(checks EVE development roadmap site)

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I have an entirely different reason why I call them ‘Ladies’.
Let’s leave it at that.

Not talking about “strippers” here, those are just Exotic Dancers, nothing racy about that.
I’m not married presently and that for a long time. I do have a Woman I want to marry, tho, and she’s far removed from any of those “life choices”.

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Well … maybe.

Many, many years ago, on FanFest, CCP showed us a prototype of what they called …
… DNA - Dynamic https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Non-uniform_rational_B-spline Application …
… which is about the curves that make the faces.

So they had several sets for these Nurbs, one per face …
… and the dynamic part is about mixing and modifying them more freely.

This ad might hint at a feature release …
… and tests of said system have been “accidentially” found on Sisi!

I can make an army of attractive female characters … :open_mouth:



Actually, if you know how Tinder works, that would be pretty simple to make as in game app. You have portraits already, you have bio for characters also. Make interface as simple as showing portrait with bio and start swiping left or right, then notification appears if you have match, so you can start chatting.

Is it better than spinning ships? You tell me, I do more interesting things with my time.

There are … or were, I’m not looking them up … sites where you could vote for character portraits.
Barely anyone knows they exist(ed) and, most portraits were just boring and generic anyway.

A Tinder like thing for EVE wouldn’t work simply because most people lack the skills for making a good portrait.

Portraits would need to be handpicked to ensure high quality, which is a mind numbing task to do …
… and which would not just cut the number of participants down significantly …
… but also cause a lot of whining and raging by those who won’t accept that they suck at it.

Hey, I’ve spent time thinking about this some years ago. :stuck_out_tongue:

But it would be player choosing if they want to participate, by starting swiping after launching the app. They would be added to database as participants. Then the mind numbing task of handpicking anything vanishes, and the raging and whining is prevented by those peeps who doesnt get matches not being informed their portrait and bio needs much to be desired, they would just not get matches, get bored and go do something else.

Only difficult and actually prohibitive thing is, it would have to be in game (CCP creation) so peeps know it exists just by looking at the ad that is in game already for nonexistent service, and seeing it in menu.

I wonder if someone could make the service as web now and call it just that, site and things, what it would be an effect. But it would still not be in game just in a reach of one click, when you can swipe while mining.

I remember one, but it was taken down after the initial hype.

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I have to wonder: Does @Solecist_Project approve?

No. That’s how it works in real life, for reasons, but that doesn’t work in EVE.
That’s why I’ve explained it the way I did, instead of going for the generic mass market solution.

The EVE portrait sites fail exactly because every tasteless ■■■■■■ can post his butt-ugly, boring portrait …
… and every other tasteless ■■■■■■ out there can look at them and choose.

In real-life-Tinder things are different, because people look different.
EVE people don’t look different. They all look the same. One can not even try being creative and standing out.
The only ones who belong onto such a platform, for EVE, are the ones who stand out of the masses.

PS: I think these platforms are a horrible thing, btw.

That would be nice lol.


I vote no but my cute/sexy scam/spai alts vote yass