You have seen the ads, now join the movement!

Space may be cold, dark, and empty, but your heart doesn’t need to be!

Join us at Divinity Social. We accept everyone as they are. We help you forge new connections, or rekindle old ones, all across New Eden.

Come and be Social, whether you are looking for friends, frienemies, mingling, mates, hookups, love, or even just love for now, let us help you forge that connection at Divinity Social!

This message is sponsored by Divinely Social, LLC, a subsidiary of Divinity Social. All rights reserved.

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Let’s hope that the CEP, Amarr Trade Registry, Federal Trade Commission and Republic Trade Authority revoke your business license for sympathising with terrorists and normalizing their atrocities.

Go do your business in the trashheap Pochven where the likes of you belong.


Our task is not to seek for connection, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within ourselves that we have built against it.

What now? :thinking: Have trigs already burnt your synapses?

Is there an ETA on when you’ll be pulling your advert for fetishizing an alien entity that have stolen territory from existing empires and have uprooted civilizations in said systems by forcibly pumping the remaining populations full of mutaplasmids and murdering all that don’t bow to their command? I’d be very interested to know if your marketing team has come to their senses yet.


I have no idea what is going on in this thread. Is this a Triglavian dating service/social network?

Not exclusively, but they’ve had the callousness to run adverts in stations that have facilitated the transport of refugees from the invasions that fetishize the Triglavians… who have stolen away the original homes of said refugees. It’s obviously just a person in Triglavian garb, but I find the fetishization of alien invaders like the Triglavians to be at best, in extremely poor taste.


It’s worth stating that those adverts are not the responsibility of @Yvane_Aselin-Duvaul or her department. Having personally spoken to her at length, I can confidently state there is no element of Triglavian sympathy in her project.
Full disclosure, I am, er, personally involved with Yvane, in a manner of speaking, but I feel that speaks further to my point above, considering that I would not be comfortable with a Triglavian sympathizer.

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Very well, I’ll absolve her of any culpability in any of this. Whoever in their marketing department thought that those were a good idea should absolutely be sacked though, at the very least.

We are so quick to zero in on a single aspect that we dislike about someone or something and make that the focal point of the discussion.

A service focused around building social connections to bring people together and we’re too busy dividing ourselves to even come to the table.

I have no need for the service and so I don’t use it but I’m open to friendships and connections of every tribe and culture. I wish you well in the endeavor.


That reminds me, I haven’t had the chance to thank you for the introduction that you arranged a few weeks ago. It was very kind to a stranger.

Down with this sort of thing !

A letter from the desk of Yvane Colette Aselin-Duvaul, CEO Divinely Social LLC.

The official stance of DivSo, LLC is that we are aware of the provocative nature of the Divinity Social advertisement. Divinity Social, Inc. has dealt with the matter internally and I implore you to direct your feedback to Divinity Social PR.

On a related note, I have yet to see from our objectors mention of anything about what is wrong with our message of forging connection between capsuleers. We would be more than happy to expand on any honest inquiries.

On a personal note, I will thank you beautiful people to resist the urge to slander me or commit libel unless you wish to hear from our legal department. If you have any questions about my thoughts or sympathies I invite you to make an appointment to discuss them with me personally. I keep regular office hours and I am sure I can make the time to fit you into my busy schedule.

Lastly if you are not interested in forging new connections among the stars, then I invite you to Fly Safe. May the gods above watch over you and speed you on your way to somewhere else.

~Yvane Colette Aselin-Duvaul
“Are you Social?”

It’s always good to be social and meet new people. Everyone needs a match. That is what my notes say

As to the matter of the original posting, It is a membership drive for Divinity Social posted by me.

As to the rest of the conversation, I am uncertain. It seems like there is still a lot of bellyaching over the original station advertisements.

If further clarification is required, please feel free to meet with me and I will gladly discuss it further.

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The original station ad was quite amusing, I approve of it. Plus, the storm it kicked up was a good show, so maybe I’ll poke around the service as thanks.

Beside other issues pointed out, I am surprised you allowed trig participant to have facemask on. It makes verification impossible. Not safe.

But what do I expect from such company…


All traitors will be judged harshly. There is a place for turncoats in the deepest abyss of the soul where Hope is non-existent and Love cannot reside.
Our powerful God shall smite any and all Pride. His Servants are ever watching, bearing witness to the corruption of the flesh and all Vanity that permeates New Eden.
The Traglivians may one day trade their barbarous ways for Forgiveness but those who have facilitated their encroachment upon our celestial abodes shall have nowhere to hide and will bear their shame through the infinite realms of Time.

As much as I find this drama over what is a pretty textbook example of shock advertising hilarious, I do have to throw this out there:

Why does everyone assume the woman is a Triglavian? Last time I checked this service caters to capsuleers, many of which enjoy wearing survival suits just for the aesthetic of it. I can tell you from experience that most Kybernauts prefer dressing themselves in the uniforms awarded to us by the Collective for our service above all other variants instead of the one pictured.

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