DIY Standings Grinder?

Here ya go:

[Nereus, Mission Hauler HS]
Drone Damage Amplifier I
Drone Damage Amplifier I
Inertial Stabilizers II
Inertial Stabilizers II
Inertial Stabilizers II

Sensor Booster I
50MN Microwarpdrive I
Sensor Booster I
Sensor Booster I
Sensor Booster I

Drone Link Augmentor I
Drone Link Augmentor I

Medium Hyperspatial Velocity Optimizer I
Medium Hyperspatial Velocity Optimizer I
Medium Hyperspatial Velocity Optimizer I

Hobgoblin II x3

Targeting Range Script x2
Scan Resolution Script x2

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I think this is useful. Easy to train into hull/fit that will grind missions for hauling.

Can use with a standings grinder to make easy isk.

I’m confused. What exactly is this fit for?

Agent Missions - Courier, Standings Grinding. Simple easy quick fit. Covers all the mission levels. Grind for standings

I think for running Courier missions you’d want a fast Hauler with a defensive tank on it.

Maybe something like this T2 Nereus fit:

Medium Slots:
2x Large Shield Extender II
1x Adaptive Invulnerability Field II
1x EM Ward Field II
1x Thermal Dissipation Field II

Low Slots:
1x Damage Control II
3x Inertial Stabilizers II
1x Power Diagnostic System II

Rig Slots:
3x Medium Core Defense Field Extender I

Drone Bay:
3x Hornet EC-300
3x Hornet EC-300

Dont know why. What I posted is faster, tank enough, and handles the missions just fine?

Oh the sensor boosters are because I recall having stupid combat missions in some of my courier story lines.

This way you can target from afar and hit them with drones as hard as a little nereus can

Regular Courier / Distribution missions don’t involve combat, just pick up and deliver items to different stations. For Storyline missions, can use a regular Combat ship to clear the field first.

Anyway, this thread should have been posted in the PvE sub-forum.

I’m way too lazy for that. Hah

There are community fitting for most professions for frigate, destroyer and cruiser class ships.

Specifically for the ship OP linked fit for there is this:

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Plus there is a corp that will grind your standings for you. Without you doing anything except log in and join fleet.

you realize that the standing gain from distribution is like 5 times lower than security of the same level, while eg L3S take less time than L3D to finish ?
for L3S standing grinding I use an alt with perfect skills, and a machariel with hyperspatials, 2 TC range scripted, then MWD MJD, extenders, invul, nano and gyros. The only missions that are hard to do are the guristas blockade(since they hit you from 80km) , and … nothing else.

Now if you have an alt with 5+ faction standing, of course blitz some L4s and it will be even faster.

Remember that the social skill of the toon that completed the mission are taken into account wrt standing increase, NOT the toon that was shared the reward, so there is no need to even train the skills of the one you want to increase.

But yeah, if you want to get more standing, just ask people to grind for you. it will cost you less time.

I do not realize. I’ll play with a simple fast fit for this on the cheap.

I’m betting my 10mil Vexor hull that has 180km ranged speed-enhanced drones for clone soldier killing // distance tanking will be an easy fit solution for most combat missions.

… do yourself a favor, buy a cynabal for L1/L2s and a mach for L3s.
distribution missions are crap, whether for isk or reputation. The only good thing is, they don’t have negative faction standing since you don’t shoot rats.

This might mean more to me now in consideration.

I want all my standings as high as possisble?

Then yes don’t do any mission that requires to shoot rats. You can do mining missions without shooting a rat (orca is good in even L4M) . Dunno if the standing reward are better for distribution or mining.

Some Mining missions have NPC’s which need to be destroyed.

Multiple Level 3 Distribution missions can be run at the same time which can be completed very quickly compared to doing Security or Mining missions.

If you want to raise Faction standings quickly, I suggest you check out ‘The Plan’.

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