I have found the optimal fleet doctrine for nullsec ratting via filaments

All I have to do is bring a Nereus with me. Lets think about it. Filamenting into null for ratting purposes is problematic. You are lucky if you have 500 m3 in cargo space to carry everything you need. It is not very profitable.

I can get around this. All I have to do is have the Nereus drop a container and abandon it. Viola! Instant fleet hangar. I drop a mobile depot and switch to optimal tank, drones and weapon type for anything I face. Why the Nereus? It has a 25m drone bay. Put a light armor drone and a light hull drone and three salvager drones and I can repair in flight and have a salvager for more isk. With max skills a bare bone Nereus has 3375m3. So realistically you have five times the isk potential per trip for double the cost. Makes a great wormhole doctrine.

I have been playing eve for several years and haven’t had anyone mention this doctrine as an option as you can stay out much longer than you think,

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Sounds fun!

It’s nomadic gameplay where you use the Nereus instead of a structure to stay in space longer.

For even bigger scale nomadic gameplay you could use an Orca instead, with much more storage space (and a SMB to bring spare ships!)

There’s a really nice youtube series for this kind of gameplay in wormhole space, starting with:

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Here’s a good example of what an Orca can achieve with a few accts.

Have to admit, I didn’t go that nuts with it.

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Nereus can only field 3 light drones at a time, drone bandwidth is 15Mbit/sec
It can fit one turret

Are you saying that you would actually attempt to up against null sec rats in a T1 hauler?

Or did I miss something?

Looks to me that you failed in understanding how eve work and being clapped by people who think you are inventing something new.

So basicli you are suppose to live in the null not go there farming and back.

What you are describing is same as live in elven forest. Go pick up loot in engame location and return back to elven forest to sell and repar.

Im mean you can do the same in endgame location.

There is big misreprezentation in eve comunity where people are told to live in hi sec and farm in null or wormholes.

This is not how eve work peple live there and they shoot you cause you are literary invading theyr houses.

Ask around and try to fing groop thats for you. And move to the null.

It’s certainly not the most efficient way to play, but maybe he’s having more fun this way.