DKG. Highsec Corp looking for new Members

Dark Knowledge. is recruiting !

We are looking for team players to boost our ranks and join us in Triglavian Invasions, Incursions, Moon mining, Mission running and the occasional small gang PvP roams we do.

☼ Not War Eligible
☼ 0% Taxrate
☼ Newbro friendly

Visit us at DKG Recruit or send me an Eve mail to get in touch.

Looking forward to fly with you soon,


DKG… ██████████████████████
███████████████████████ DKG.

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im intrested send me a mail ingame

Hi !
I´ve sent you a mail with more detailed info how to get in touch with us.
Looking forward to have a chat with you soon !

I’m a space trucker looking for a hi-sec corp, I sent you an evemail.

Sorry for the typo, just realized it :sweat_smile:

Thank you for your intereset !
We will get in touch wiht you ingame. You can also just visit our recrtuiment chat DKG. Recruit and get some more infos there about who we are and what we do in the meantime.
Looking forward to fly with you soon.

I’m a real newbro in this Corp, I’ve made this account 10 years ago. But I’ve never played the game back then. I found my interest a few months ago and then I joined this Corp. They are amazing in so many ways. The Corp is super newbro friendly! You get help in every direction you can ask for. They provide a lot of content to do and many weekly operations we undertake together. There are many oldschool players in the Corp with a lot of experience. And for sure they do amazing things in this game, and you’re always welcome to join!
Now for real, if you’re looking for a great Corp that has a lot of fun, good mentality, activity and again a lot of fun! Then this Corp is the right spot for you! You don’t have to look any further. The Corp is worth your time and we are awaiting you! I hope to see you folks in the Corp!

Friendly Regards,
Entiko Onnlin

message me ingame I sent you some mail

What eve time are you guys most active? I can play only between 16:00 to 19:00

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