-=DM-Tinkerbell=-e:Narcisite Solex;DMing aboard Ghost Wolf in the Khanid Kingdom

Aphrodite knew all about the white men with the black armor in the Khanid Kingdom. The same spot I.S.S. (Interstellar Starbase Syndicate) used to mine. A.A.A. (Against All Authorities) used it as a pipeline into 0.0 space back in the day.

But did they know about black men with white hair?

Anne McCaffrey had lore concerning such a space faring race. With the help of Black Beauty, Guenevere and a white buffalo she had traversed a labyrinth of cosmic pattern to wind up a guest aboard Ghost Wolf. Akasha Romanus just wanted to play so she entered a private room with -=DM-Tinkerbell=- to whip up a solo quest that would correlate with the group. What a picky eater!

Laura Bailey, Marisha Ray, Ashley Johnson, Eirka Ishii, Ashley Burch, Mica Burton, Sumalee Montano, Dani Carr, Felicia Day, Julie Nathanson, Aimee Carrero, Anjali Bhimani and Caitlin Glass had never Free Form RP’d before.

Cpt. Narcisite Solex of the Black Panther: Black Op. Ship; Ghost Wolf, sat before a felt green table with a high mahogany rocking chair under his butt. -=DM-Tinkerbell=- fed him the lines and he ran the game. The Nine from Nottingham Forest in attendance enjoyed his ability to change his voice and mimic tavern females. Wulfgar from Icewind Dale and Bruenor Battlehammer joined the game. It was a struggle to teach Wulfgar space flight mechanics. King Battlehammer thought the ship was primitive but encouraged the competition.
Soul: Brain; Wave.
Ottom Ephesianos: Ghost Wheel; World of Darkness.

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