Do Alliances still Rent?

Been away for a good long while and piecing together my plans for what I would like to strive for in Eve 2022.

In that plan is possibly starting a Corp with some Friends and doing serous Industrial activities in Nullsec.

One of my questions is do Alliances still rent out space with all the different changes? If so what are some site/tools that I can use to find a strong alliance that can back their claims of being good renters. And what’s the average rent for a nice system to call home?

Thank you guys. Fly safe o7

Do bears poop in the woods?

In my experience …

A renter can expect zero defense of the system, so you will have to deal with random fleets on your own. If you have any expectations of being defended in any way shape or form, or even just having useful intel channels, forget that right now!

Rental prices depend on location (e.g. dead-end systems are more valuable than turnpike interchanges), and the moons, with mining moons being extra on a per moon basis.

IHUB upgrades are extra, and at your expense, plus a service fee for installation.
You won’t be allowed to build supercapitals.

Ownership rules vary, but I have seen anything anchored having to be transferred to their holding-corp (i.e. they have ownership). Docking rules are also variable.

You will need an active corp to finance the costs, i.e. someone always ratting.

Make sure to read the fine print several dozen times before renting.

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