Looking for nullsec system to rent

So where do I find a place that I can rent a nullsec system from for my Corp?

Thanks in advance, Tour o7

Join and alliance and don’t pay any rent would be my advice.


I joined Cherry Defense Systems because I saw that V∅LTA treats renters well, and BL∅B has stations in every system so switching ships and avoiding roamers would be very easy. I’m currently earning 7 billion isk a month clearing a few sites per day, and have lost a total of 0.3 billion to ganks, ammo fees, and hauling fees over the past two months. I spend several hours a week doing pvp in handout ships. Planetary industry prices are good, and there are handout nightmare fleets and handout marauder fleets, so um - yeah…

You can always rent from RAZOR Alliance if you’re looking for a couple of different options when it comes to paying rent, we have a TAX system or a set amount per system option.

Our rental alliance is called EDGE, if you’re interested feel free to drop me a DM in game or join our public affairs discord.

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