Do any wormhole groups allow docking by small corps?

I played about a year ago with a wormhole corp who later disbanded and had a great time. When there, I did mostly solo pvp, and really enjoyed the environment. I even helped them with pvp ship fittings and provided some escort roles when needed.

I’ve recently started playing again, and am bringing some older players along with me (sometimes tough to get old guys to return). Been looking at allying with a group in a wormhole to resume that type of play style again.

Do any existing corps or alliances work with smaller pvp groups and allow them docking rights anymore?

Your best bet on getting access would be to join their Corp/alliance. Or are you hoping they will give you access without you joining?

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I think we’re too old and transient to really make a wormhole profitable as a life. I more look as it as an opportunity to participate with a group and find new ways to pvp.

With that in mind, I would rather work alongside a group that already owns a wormhole…than joining the alliance. That way we can engage non blues without the home wormhole corp having to pay any consequences.

Checkout Wormlife and their discord. They got nice collection of freeport in various WH systems with highsec stat.

A good way for you and your friend to start. at least cutting the cost of your citadels and fuel.

See their WH list, ask for entrance in discord and thats it.


Thanks Vicky and Sordina!

Cost doesn’t bother me, and we would be willing to help out where we can. Our Corp led a null alliance for quite some time, and to be honest it burned most of us out. Now it’s just avoiding that sort of lifestyle while still participating in the game in ways we find fun.

Your answer was a great help.

Glad my answer are helping people.

They are good guys, they want Kspace people have easier time to get into Jspace. I stumbled on one of their system, and that freeport really help me returning to game after couple years of hiatus.

I went on their discord last night, but unfortunately it was empty.
I’m not certain it’s a perfect fit for us, as I read that they don’t permit people who use the stations to shoot people in the system (which does make sense). I do think it’s an incredible idea though, and I’ll chat with my peeps and see if they could reside in a wormhole without shooting anyone.

“Home” inside hole and daytripping outside it to find content is way better idea than starting from hisec.

Take look or write own topic in r/evejobs, here in recruitment center. Probable many will be interested in “free” guns to defend or roam around.

Oh I see, yeah they want to welcome as many people as possible. and you want to shoot as many people as possible. That doesn’t match.

Then I guess building your own structure is your best bet. You can search which hole you like, ask wingspan for help you getting that WH, and build something in to defend it.

Its not that hard, just keep eyes and roll the holes for 24 hours the structure anchoring. Or blindly anchor something and hope the people coming harass it at can be handled by your group.

Or, if you like, your corp can take Thera as home and operating from there. Goes out and hunting people in null or lowsec. Like reverse daytripping.

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Yeah…it does make things tough. We would hope for a wormhole that has specified blues that we could work with.

There is a chance we will eventually put up a structure someday, however with our old guys coming back to the game I wouldn’t want to dictate which direction the entire corp will go. I do know they like to shoot stuff, so that’s why I have been looking for a group that might benefit from having pvp’ers around instead of going for the full “commitment” thing.

Everyone’s help and chat back and forth has been great though. Thanks so much.

You could try basing out of Thera if you are looking for something low commitment. Lots of connections, station asset safety.

Thought of Thera, but we might be a bit small for that spot.
There is fighting…and then there is getting your arse ganked all to hell.

Drop me a mail in game or convo me when I am on.

Can always help you guys finding a nice home.

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