Do i get free MCT if i buy my sub on amazon?

I ask only since I tried buying plex on the main site recently with a prepaid gift card and their checkout seemed to not want to cooperate, but amazon was happy to accept it.

i don’t have any of the following:
steam account
a real credit card
a paypal

… and the only reason I’d get any of those things because if eve is because i’m getting a handful of marshals, a handful of bharghests, and the first soe FAX on my next resub.

but, i still would really like that MCT but if the system is gonna be petty i’d like to find out now and not after i choose to resub early.

Promotions vary between CCP and their authorized resellers. Since the Amazon subscription offers don’t specify the MCT, my assumption is that they don’t include it.

On the other hand, Amazon is offering the Premium pack at half price right now - an excellent deal if you haven’t already used it.

I’m not positive on how it works with buying from Amazon (I’ve never used them personally) but since they are a reseller, their deals/offers may not be the same as CCP’s . That said, I would open a support ticket to ask; give your details and explain your situation. Also, make sure to use the category ‘Account & Billing > Events & Promotions’ so that it gets to the proper department.

The whole offer is sort of a bummer, because I just subbed 3 accounts for a year each prior to this offer, and just tried to activate the extra training, and of course it wouldn’t work and just tried to sell me more plex to buy MCT’s.

Doing these types of things really discourage players from subbing on a regular basis, or for long periods of time.

Merry Christmas…

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