Do NPC miners use refineries?

I was tethered to a player owned Athanor and a Poksu Mineral Group NPC hauler arrived, docked, about 5 minutes later it re-appeared and warped off.

  • Is this behavior new or just something I missed?

Do we know if they use any refining facilities (and pay the player). It appeared to arrive from the direction of an asteroid belt full of NPC ventures and headed out towards more player owned structures.

Did CCP program in a production cycle or just a day to day routines to make them act less like a NPC?


Talk about rubbing salt in the wound!

Yes, we d…er uh AHEM!! cough cough:woozy_face:

Yeah, NPC Mining Fleets have been in the game for a while now.

Is there any NPC stations in the same system?

Maybe it’s all part of CCP’s chaos plan, hoping that some player will attack the NPC Hauler which will then spawn their NPC Attack Fleet.

CCP is trying to remove isk from game cause its easy to obtain “so ccp say”

its irreverent is ccp npc use refineries its about removing ore from game to make it less profitable you YOU


Interesting point as there are No NPC stations in this particular system.

That being said. if they have actions like “with no NPC station then do this” type behavior maybe the little buggers have more complex actions than we know.

It would be nice to think that they mine, refine, manufacture and sell within their own NPC sphere but it’s probably just cosmetic to make them look busy.


This. The NPC mining fleets start in the belts from the downtime reset, but they are not as good at mining as player ships. Still, the fact that they don’t stop unless “interfered with” (warning: hazardous activity) causes some complaints later in the EVE day, when real players log in to find some belts are empty.

If you can blow up a hauling ship without dying horribly (defense fleets are usually coordinated with damage, ewar, and logi ships) you find all the ore they actually collected in the wreck.

The haulers don’t refine, they just drop the rocks off adding to the stockpiles for their respective organizations - might be fun to see some CCP statistics on their current stockpiles :wink:


Imagine if you could infiltrate their corp and transfer some of the stockpiles. :yum:


So no NPC stations in system. Yeah, CCP has probably coded the NPC Hauler to dock at Player stations if no NPC stations are available. As for the Ore it carries, that’s probably just deleted from it’s cargohold after docking so that the Hauler can go back to it’s usual activity.

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players stops play eve so npc must do this job and play :rofl:
why they are mining? they clearly dont have mining permits - why nobody suicide them?

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The structure they docked at was public, Now I’m wondering if they can dock at structures that are not public and if not do they go to a neighboring system to dock.

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Imagine of you could re-enter the newbie NPC corps after leaving them (or just do this with any of the veteran NPC corps that you can re-enter, I guess)… and pull off a multi-billion ISK tax heist, too!

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Good question.

I think if the Hauler can’t dock in a station and eject the contents of it’s hold, it probably just hangs around until Downtime. As for the Mining Fleet, I think CCP probably programmed that content to continuously spawn Haulers so that the Mining Fleet can continue it’s operation.

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Someone should just follow an NPC mining op around for a few hours and see what they do.

I’ve only seen 1 or 2. And yeees my Overview is set up properly stfu.

Theres always stacks of em in Amarr

Btw did you know you can bump them, theyll run away but wont trigger a response fleet?

At least the ones in Amarr did that.

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I’ve been using a polarized Naga - approach blap & run, you need different tactics to get the DST’s scan them down & draw off the support fleet. The loot is not great but I hear you can get very rare billion ISK modules if you get a jackpot drop.

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