Do we know what is making hostiles in Abyssal Headspace?

It seems weird that random Concord ships and so-on attack people in Abyssal Deadspace, so I assume that something is making copies of ships or something?

I think the story is CONCORD etc are in there and don’t want independent capsuleers meddling, or something like that.

Its an extra spooky SARO division eliminating any witnesses/interference.

“Mysterious vessels of CONCORD design have been sighted in Abyssal Deadspace, reportedly attacking on sight all witnesses to their presence in the depths of the Triglavian domains. Persistent rumors claim that a clandestine unit of CONCORD’s ruthless SARO division, supposedly designated “Disparu Troop”, has taken an interest in Triglavian technology and is attempting to acquire it covertly.”


It’s just one of those cases where them doing it for years at end does not work. By now CONCORD’s presence in the Abyss is hardly “persistent rumor” but an everyday fact, and interest in triglavian tech is, like, not news, it’s what the Empires use to blow up stars and yeet ships around…

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