Something is afoot inside Abyssal space


As stated in the title, something is happening inside Abyssal space. During my recent expeditions into Abyssal space, I have made several observations:

  • There seems to be a ‘new’ cloud inside Abyssal pockets. It greatly affects the speed and agility of ships inside this cloud;
  • When encountering Triglavian groups, the numbers of ships in these groups has gone down;
  • Groups of roque drones tend to be accompanied by Triglavian ships while it was just Roque drones in the past. This observation is with regard to the Roque drones that are much bigger then the drones deployed and controlled by ships. I am NOT referring to the encounters of Triglavian ships that control a swarm of combat drones;
  • I have encountered and destroyed multiple groups of Sansha Nation ships;
  • I have encountered and destroyed multiple groups of Angel Cartel ships
  • I have encountered and been attacked by both EDENCOM and CONCORD ships;

I realise that it’s not just capsuleer organisations that have a strong interest into sending expeditions into Abyssal space. The multiple encounters Sansha Nation ships is a bit of a shock as it would indicate that Sansha Nation is succesfully travelling through Abyssal Space. It is bound to trigger a response from the Triglavian forces.
Naturally we should also be wary of outlawed organisations such as the Angel Cartel getting their hands on Triglavian technology. Who knows that they will use it for.

The biggest suprise for me so far was to encounter groups of CONCORD and EDENCOM ships. To date I’ve encountered expeditions of only CONCORD ships and CONCORD and EDENCOM ships. I have not yet encountered groups of only EDENCOM ships. I did not expect to encounter these groups, considering the ongoing invasions into Empire space and the number of lost systems. I also did not expect them to attack me, considering my known affiliation.

Should CONCORD and/or EDENCOM request it, I will happily hand over all data with regard to the encounters with EDENCOM and CONCORD ships and their destruction.




EDENCOM forces in Abyssal space shot at you, of all people in the cluster?

Something’s fishy indeed…


You have a private security force, using stolen Triglavian technology, answerable to no one - running cyno jammers all over empire space, disrupting trade and travel.

It should come as no great surprise that this Edencom faction can be found fraternizing with their compatriots in the abyss.


I really don’t get how anyone trusted them. They’re even less accountable than CONCORD and the only reason why CONCORD’s lack of accountability is tolerated is because there’s no other choice.


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