Analysis of the Collapsed Conduits and the implications

Greetings IGS,

As previously reported by the SCOPE the conflict between Drifters and the Triglavian Collective in Abyssal space has escalated to the point that the discharge of their weapons results in the collapse of abyssal conduits. When abyssal conduits are collapsed this way, they can appear in known space and they have been labeled as Treacherous Collapsed Conduits (TCC). These TCC can be encountered in alarmingly large numbers.

I have decided to share a visual analysis of these TCC and share my findings. I hope it will spark a discussion on the implications and hopefully it will help us all to plan and prepare accordingly.

Strong resemblance with Major Conduits from the Triglavian invasions

The TCC have a very strong resemblance to the Major Conduits that the Triglavians used to invade Empire Space. There is a central conduit and 3 secondary conduits that would facilitate the deployment of Triglavian forces into the targeted system. Seeing this strong resemblance, it seems logical to conclude that the Triglavian Collective is deploying large numbers of their forces again. This seems to be confirmed when using Ruined Electrical, Devastated Electrical and /or Annihilated Electrical filaments. These filaments allows the passage of Exploration and Covert Ops frigates and will lead to a single abyssal pocket. These single pockets are littered with Triglavian wrecks, including those of Zirnitra dreadnoughts. In addition to the wrecks of ships, there are also wrecked Triglavian small and medium supply caches and even wrecked Triglavian supply towers. A point of note is that all shipwrecks in these pockets belong to the Triglavian Collective.

The big question is if this large deployment of Triglavian forces is done in defense or as another series of invasions into non-abyssal space.

Rogue Drone activity

The TCC show clear signs of Rogue Drone activity with the presence of 3 Hive structures. The biggest Hive structure is located around a secondary conduits that is above the central conduit and 2 smaller hive structres around the central conduit.

As shown in the above image, there are 2 smaller hives that are located close to the central conduit. These 2 smaller hives have additional structures that share a resemblance with Rogue Drone Nurseries. There is also visual movement of a large number of smaller craft around each of the 3 hives.

This raises the questions if these are rogue drones that are working with the Triglavian Collective and if so, what their role and purpose they serve besides additional firepower.

Multiple different types of wrecks
One can encounter multiple different types of wrecks within the TCC. My initial thoughts are that this wreckage is expelled from the collapsed conduits, into known space. When inspecting these wrecks, it is not uncommen to see secondary explosions amongst the wreckage, especially from the remains of Triglavian supply caches, such as on the below image.

EDENCOM Scouting teams
There is evidence that EDENCOM has deployed scouting teams to monitor or attempt to monitor this conflict. Proof of this can be found with the occasional presence of EDENCOM Survey Debris in the TCC and the remains of EDENCOM scout caches when entering abyssal pockets from this conflict by using Ruined, Devastated and /or Annihilated Electrical filaments. The presence of these wrecks do serve as a somber indication of what might have happend to the EDENCOM scouting teams that have not reported back.

Pochven affected?
It would seem that this conflict also affects Pochven. I lead a fleet into Pochven on the 4th and we were having a hard time finding Drifters within Pochven space. Most notable was the lack of any Sleeper and/or Drifters that can usually be encountered near wormholes that connect Pochven to wormhole-space. This is highly unusual but does seem to be a recurring thing with this type of wormhole connection. It would be another indication of the size of this conflict and the forces that are being deployed.

With regards,