Do you consider yourself to be overweight?

Don’t forget my cut

I see you like to drink and fall over drunk Frosty, but what about George?

No, but let’s look at something Eve Online related could we?

Example, A brand new Capsuleer decided to make use of their credit card to boost their new created pilot into a Highsec level 4 burner mission setup along with high quality implants to maximise the effectiveness.

This game that we play could also effect a Capsuleers morale to the point that they feel that they are ready to undock something way outside their range of risk vs reward.

Then moments into their mission they are interrupted by some ganker trash that completely destroys the investment that new Pilot decided to pay via real life money instead of taking the long route of starting small and years later being able to lose ships or donate billions of isk!

The point is that someone could be effected way worse than a simple fall due to no fault other than their own.

Some falls effect Capsuleers mentality and some falls effect people physically.

I don’t see the difference between the two in that scenario, Can you?

On is causued by stupidity and greed, the other is caused by Frostpacker being a doughnut.

So you have a thing for doughnuts?

I’m guessing that Githy enjoys doughnuts as after all she is a Space Police Pilot

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