Do you have clear vision?...HE DOES

Don’t be daft. Glasses are a Gallente invention only serving for shallow purposes like looks in the name of their individuality. Don’t be fooled, my friend. No one needs glasses. It’s a Gallente propaganda thing. They’re everywhere.


have you noticed that a few gallente ships are particularly phallic in nature. their propaganda and perversion extends far into space.

Rumours have it that Strike Commander @Diana_Kim, most famous pilot for the Caldari, has a pink rubber thorax prominently on display in her quarters. If I remember correctly it was a gift given to her in good faith.


The design of the Phobos is particularly provacative.
The Gallente are particularly nefarious. not to be trusted.

The bottom (we all know which part is the bottom!) makes it easy to hold with one, or two hands in case of a bigger model.

Weve been through this before.

Do you have clear vision? …He DOES! Thanks to pearl vision. Go to your nearest pearl vision retailer today! Use code EVE4LIFE and get 10% off your next purchase of glasses!

At least we know why such high demand for 3d printed ships.

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And now let’s look at this 30cm model of the Avatar!

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All fun and games until someone breaks off a piece of a Ragnarok in their HEY NOW

People everywhere moaned after the changes to the classic Moa. Just like they moaned before the changes of the classic Moa. That “suitcase” had its uses…

Rumour has it that the Amarr Empresses prefer the avatar…


didn’t we used to have that back in the day?

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