Please End The Madness "Do You Have a Clear Vision?"

After a long Hiatus i have returned to eve to be greeted with a new billboard…
“Do you have a clear Vision?” “He Does”

I can understand the captains quarters being removed (though it was very enjoyable and immersive to me and made my game much more enjoyable while spending time in stations, which is a lot of what i do) But the billboards…

We used to have the News, Most wanted pilots, and general current planetary and star information that was amazing and not only immersive but actually informational and inspiring.
to be greeted with this plain CCP marketing add for in game eye wear… that you cant even sport in a 3D captains quarters… that, also is in an endless 2 image cycle, is such a far cry from the original billboards and screens, its generic…everyone i have talked to in all the chat rooms agree, its egregious. I’m asking for anyone with some pull or the ear of the devs to please help to get the code reverted, even if the “billboard” guy is no longer with ccp im certain they still have the code. even if the current billboard is just a “placeholder” please revert the code. eve was much more enjoyable with the old billboard…

Thank you to the community (and hopefully the devs) for reading my plea.
Have an awesome day


I really liked the old news and most wanted billboards. The ads aren’t working. I literally didn’t even know they were ads for in game cosmetics. I just ignore them now.


This post is about what I would expect from a person that does not have clear vision.

However, it does seem stupid to have 1 silly ad repeating forever. Either make them do something worthwhile (as OP stated) or remove it altogether, right now its just annoying and detracts from the game.

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The vision is to go back to the really nice, well thought out, informative billboard we used to have…i don’t know if you were around pre trig invasion board takeover but if you were not or don’t remember what it used to be like look into it…it was a huge improvement over the current one. Had Scope News, Active Wanted bounty posters, tips, Current Incursion information, was like watching an actual news feed.




thank you for bringing this thread to my attention, hopefully there will be enough of these threads to encourage ccp to bring back the old billboards or do something akin to the quality it once was.

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There is a condition called photosensitive epilepsy where flashing/flickering images can induce seizures. We went through a period of player created ads that were extremely dangerous. I personally would have had to stop playing if structures hadn’t offered outside view. I suspect potential liability had some influence on the decision to pull those ads and the feature could end up on the back burner for a while until someone figures out a safe way to bring it back.

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wow, i never played after the player ad’s were introduced…i only experienced the Scope, Incursion, Wanted, And Pilot Licence/tip warnings on the billboards, used to feel like you were watching an actual news feed was amazing. i can believe the player made billboards were a bad idea…i just miss the old really immersive ones…really made the world feel alive.

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I think a low cost solution would be to limit the frame rate - that way the players don’t need to be experts on the physiological and psychological aspects of video production. 1 frame per second should let them tell their story without endangering (or simply annoying) viewers. I picked 1 FPS out of the air - not my field of expertise - but I’m sure some research has been done.

A better option would be “click to animate” where you have an old fashioned single scene billboard unless a player chooses to run the video - would likely require more development effort than it’s worth.

They broke the code and no one knows how to fix it?

Well bro, I’m sorry to hear that. Seems to be more of a unique situation than something that affects a large majority of the playerbase. Easy fix for that is just have CCP implement an option to turn it off.

That way those of us who aren’t bothered by it and actually like viewing it can still watch all the Corp Ads, Scope News Feeds, Concord’s Wanted List, NES Ads, etc.

Anyway, @AnomAlley_TransWarpOD

+1 to the proposal, definitely should revert the Billboards back to show all the things it use to show.

The brigness of it is also pretty awfull, i have to keep it out of my Field of view otherwise i am getting constantly blasted by it…

There are lots of places where the option to turn things off would be useful. Some people are upset by red dots, I recognize the utility of tooltips for new players but, for me, most of them simply get in the way.

CCP doesn’t seem to believe in making stuff optional - except for notifications where they gave us complete control!


CCP CHANGED THE BILLBOARDS! lol just after i posted this with in one week, i am pleased, its not as good as the original wanted, scope, and incursion billboards (its ship adverts) but at least its not that same 2 screen glasses guy…now if we can only get the captains quarters back:)


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