Forget the red dot: Do you need glasses? He does!

Set 21,000 years in the future the voice over says. And apparently everyone… no matter where they live… needs glasses.

Seriously, the most annoying thing about coming back to EvE after five years, is seeing the same annoying ad… everywhere.

Please CCP, change this ad to something that reflects the technology level of the brilliant fiction you’ve created.

Many thanks!


The thing with those glasses is that they help reduce the glare in space.

Unfortunately, this is another example of how EVE doesn’t fix the problems, just patches the symptoms. You see, the glasses lessen the glare BUT the glare is only so bad due to being put there by CCP in the first place. If they just got rid of the sodding glare (GAH!!! THE FKN GLARE!!! JFC GET RID OF THE FKN GLARE ALREADY!!!) there would be no need for the glasses!
But no, fixing that would take more effort compared to just ignoring the glare and instead hawking out some cheap piece of tat nobody wants to address the symptom instead.

Bloody glasses dude. Bloody glare!! Bloody bloody Space-Glare and sodding feckin Glasses Dude!!!



We’re still waiting for this supposedly amazing video submitting idea that CCP has been working on since the dark ages. A bunch of months ago we asked about how they were getting on with it and all we got was an irritated “working on it, stop bugging us” reply.

So expect it by the time SC launches or we get planetary flight which they promised back in 2004. Or when Ambulation finally launches.


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