Do you like to GANK? Generally Aggressive Natural Killers is recruiting!

I’m Charls Gedwin, and I like ganking people and having a good time on comms. I’m opening up my alt corporation (Generally Aggressive Natural Killers) for new recruits who enjoy the same things!

I take my internet spaceships seriously, and am looking for others with the same mindset. If you’re going to play, you might as well win. Our motto is “No fights, just ganks.”

We have experienced mentors to show you the ropes, and prime 0.0 space just steps from hisec for easy ISK and logistics. You will be expected to PVP in small gangs and sometimes in fleets, but you will enjoy it!

Our goal as a coalition is to punch above our weight, and to win by outsmarting and outclassing our opponents. We provide fleet and ganking doctrines and will expect you to train into them. You should always be ready to PVP at a moments notice!


  • PVP first mindset.

  • Willing to train into doctrines.

  • 10m combat SP Minimum, preferably some Gallente.

  • Discord + TS3 and a working microphone.

If any of this sounds good to you, contact me here or in-game: “Charls Gedwin”

Bump - Still looking for experienced pilots!

Bump - Edited main post.

Still looking for pilots!

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