Do you think you could do a launcher that doesn't need to be killed to be restarted?

And I don’t mean it locks up occasionally on restart.

It locks up every time, on two different machines.

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Don’t you mean " Do you think you could do a launcher that doesn’t need to be killed to be restarted for me, despite the fact that it hasn’t been reported by anyone else" ?

What’s your Operating System ? What hardware are you running on ? When you say it locks-up, what do exactly do you mean ?

The launcher issue has been reported on several occasions, Dravick.
The old fix for this was to close the launcher using the ‘Quit’ menu option that appears when you right-click on the Dock icon. Using the ‘Quit’ option from the main menu would freeze the app and you’d have to use ‘Force Quit’.
Since the last launcher update, neither ‘Quit’ option works, and I now have to use ‘Force Quit’ every time. Catalina updated to 10.15.6 last night, but that didn’t change anything unfortunately.

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I don’t understand. the launcher doesn’t have a ‘Dock’ icon that I can see ?

Dravic, this is a Mac issue. All apps have a Dock icon. You add apps to the Dock by dragging them from Applications.

it maybe also steam issue, but for wine and windows I have the same :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry, confused it with docking a ship in the client :blush:


Would you mind not posting in the Mac Issues forum if you haven’t ever been near a Mac?

  1. Linux and Mac are similar.
  2. I’ll post where I damn-well like…

I had this same issue on a MacBook Air 2018. I recently upgraded to a MacBook Pro 16", and the problem has mostly gone away. It will still occasionally require a Force Quit, but most of the time it will close after a CMD-Q, or a right click on the dock icon and Quit.

Unfortunately, it sounds like the best way to fix this may be to do a clean install of OS X… which is dumb.

I had this issue for a short period of time, and then it went away with a later launcher update that included clearing the entire cache, which makes me think it is an issue with file corruption somewhere in the launcher cache that a ‘verify’ doesn’t detect. :woman_shrugging:

Linux and Mac are similar.

They aren’t, they are derived from completely different code. It really annoys me when people ask for help and others come in and spread false information.

Unfortunately EVE and OSX have had a love hate relationship for as long as I remember, your best bet is to power through it and hope it goes away in either a patch, or an OSX update.

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