Mac Launcher doesn't update properly

This has been going on for months now, possibly as much as a year. I start the launcher, there’s an update, a bunch of files are downloaded, but the launcher doesn’t update. It still has the old launcher version number, even if I quit and relaunch it. It didn’t seem to affect the actual pay of the game, the couple of times I tried just continuing to login, but the past several times, I’ve just let it finish downloading, quit, and downloaded a fresh copy of the new launcher. This is a pain in the butt. Any suggestions?

I have no answer for you, but can commiserate as I have had the same problem for months too. And as of today’s build (1678945) the Mac launcher will not close, but freezes and I have to Force Quit.

I have the same issue.

This is after the last update of the launcher that happened, yesterday or this morning.

Game play appears normal. I quit the game all is normal, then I quit the launcher but the launcher freezes and requires a force quit. o7

Still having the same problem, including the need to force quit. :-1:

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