Lauched updates everytime I open it - but never really updates

Everytime I open the launcher it runs an update to a newer version. However the update never “sticks”. See screenshots - any idea why this happens? I am on Mac. The game works fine.

What happens for you AFTER the download reaches 100%?
For me on Windows it asks to press OK / Cancel whether to install the new binary. And after OK it installs and does a hidden recheck of the resource file cache. But bottom right corner shows the new
“Launcher: 1434482:3104” which makes me assume the update was successful

For me the dialog closes and I am still on the same version as I was before. Hence I believe the update was downloaded but not applied - if that makes sense. I can launch the game and play but I presume the updates to the launcher have a purpose.

My mac is the same - stuck on launcher 1387204 and the update cannot apply.

I’m having the same issue with my launcher on the mac as well.

Had the same issue, for me the following approach worked ->

Hope this helps.

I have launcher version 1434482 on my iMac. Until yesterday it was working fine. When I started it yesterday, it said there was a new launcher version and proceeded to download the update. When it finished, I clicked “ok”. The launcher crashed. So I restarted it. When it finished updating, I clicked “ok”. It crashed. So I did it again. This time I clicked “cancel”. It crashed. So I did it again. This time I let the timer run out. No crash, but it did not actually update. It’s still version 1434482. What now, CCP?

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