Launcher will Just Not Die

Anybody else have a launcher that just hangs if you try to quit it? Just wondering if there is anything I should try besides a re-install (which was done pretty recently). Have to force-quit it every time. Thanks.

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I’ve had the same issue, but I have noticed the following:

If you try to exit the launcher by using the top menu (EVE Launcher -> Quit EVE Launcher) or the keyboard shortcut (Cmd+Q), it freezes and won’t quit.

However, you can successfully quit by clicking the red X in top left corner of the window. It does take a second or two to quit, but it won’t freeze forever (in my experience).

Nope…never had this problem. Pretty early on, I went into the settings menu on the launcher and unchecked the minimize to tray on close box, then I just use the X to close it every time and it instantly closes.

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