Does anybody know how can i board locked ship that is not mine?

Does anybody know how can i board locked ship that is not mine?

Eject from yours close to them and then board theirs…

cant while its locked :slight_smile:

Can you fly it? (skills)

yes …

Is it a player’s ship or a ship you found in a mission? Probably listed as “Large Collideable Structures”

player ship

Last shot: is it behind a force field?


You cannot board another ship that is being targeted by something else. You need to break the lock of whatever is targeting the ship before you can board it. You can only board your own ship even if it is being targeted by something.

You’ve got to break the lock of the person who’s targeting it before you can board it. Either:

  • Kill them (with fire!)
  • ECM them
  • Bump them out of lock range

Then you will be able to board the ship :smiley:

i hoped i can trick eve its my ship

Just make sure noone has a target lock on your ship. That is the only thing holding you from sitting in it.

This is an old mechanic from ages ago.

The last person to sit in a ship is the “owner” of that ship. If you are under a wardec or something, then people can shoot you or your property.

If you hopped out of a ship, and your neutral ally hopped in, then the ship currently taking fire would suddenly become invalid for the wardec. And the person attacking would get Concorded for attacking a neutral target.

To fix that, they made it so only the owner can get back aboard a ship while it’s being targeted. So no, you cannot trick the game into thinking the ship is yours instead of theirs. Since that is exactly what the wardec stuff is preventing.


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